4 Aug 2020

Felece Cyber Security Joins Forces With GAIS Cyber Security

As Felece, we have decided to provide a consultancy service that brings together the best in this field to our valuable brands in our ecosystem for the increasing cyber attacks and the permanent damage they have left. We join forces with Gais Cyber ​​Security, which was established to meet sectoral needs by its founders, who have worked in many private and public institutions in the IT sector and have process and field experiences in the sub-title of security systems and project management.

Gais Cyber ​​​​Security Technologies aims to provide its employees with domestic and global certifications, supported by internal and external trainings, which aim to be able to take part in the sector with knowledge of cyber security methodologies, conscious in information law and effectively in information security management processes.

Gais is a preferred team with its staff consisting of reliable people, who know the advantages and disadvantages of all well-known brands and models of cyber security products in the sector by providing the power of trained personnel to the institutions and organizations they serve. We aim to create a new technology consultancy in the sector by bringing Felece's quality and experience and Gais's stance in cyber security to the same stage.