6 Jan 2021

Our General Manager is in the Finance World Almanac!

The pandemic has affected our business life in many ways. We can say that there are 3 main issues on which we changed our perspective in Felece.

Internal management of the company, partnerships with our business partnerships and our customers.

We moved our processes to more digital channels in the company. Here, we have added various digital applications to our lives, especially in the comfort areas of our business partners, so that they can touch the customers they touch in the healthiest way possible.

We have taken additional measures in terms of documentation and the complete creation of corporate memory. We are making an additional effort to identify the needs of many of our customers in industries affected by the pandemic and to deliver appropriate products and services.

In addition to getting rid of this period with the least loss, it is a priority for us and our customers to get out with optimum profit. The primary conclusion we draw from crisis management is that we have to equate our own speed with the speed of technology. As our ways of doing business and priorities changed, we responded in weeks to digital transformations that would take months. This is no longer our race with ourselves, but our race with technology.

Among our expectations from 2021 is to take our services primarily to Europe and then to the whole world through the London structure, which we planted in 2020. Our ultimate goal here is to respond to the needs of our customers with the most suitable product in a way that they can feel closest, even from afar. When data and technology are combined with an experienced software team, physical distances turn into seconds. We looked for the answer to this and started to produce a solution.

In addition to our London office, the biggest investment we have made is Eskişehir Technopark, which we have recently made an agreement with, and the new sector professionals we will train there. While the motto of Felece is to produce solutions for the future, we always design these solutions in a way that puts people at the center. There are many companies that we can take strength from each other, both in the data technologies ecosystem and in the information ecosystem, on this path we set out to bring brand new talents to our country in technical terms. We are always open to co-production and innovation. In the leap year and the conditions we are in, not individual promotions, but collective promotions will be important.

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