9 Apr 2019

We brought the Gold Medal to Turkey with our LC Waikiki Project

Our e-commerce platform project, which we prepared for LC Waikiki with SAP Commerce and covers 27 countries, 9 different languages ​​and 5 different currencies, won the gold medal in the 2018 SAP Global Quality Awards Innovation category.

As Felece Teknoloji, we brought a meaningful award to Turkey by being among the best projects in the world with our project for LC Waikiki, which aims to become one of the three most successful fashion retailers in Europe by 2023. Our e-commerce platform project, which we developed on SAP Commerce, one of the SAP CX (Customer experience) solutions for LC Waikiki, which sells fashion, shoes, cosmetics and home accessories with over 900 stores in 45 countries around the world, was awarded the 2018 SAP Global Quality Awards, where projects from all over the world competed. Awarded the Gold Medal in the Innovation category. We won the gold medal at the SAP Turkey Quality Awards organized by SAP Turkey with our project for LC Waikiki, which meets with its customers with the slogan "Everyone deserves to dress well", and won the right to compete in the SAP Global Quality Awards. The award we won with this project, carried out together with SAP Turkey Digital Business Services, is also a first for Turkey.

Within the scope of the project, which started in line with the global goals of LC Waikiki, the e-commerce platform, which we prepared with our customer experience and e-commerce knowledge, by making use of SAP Best Practices and the expertise of SAP Turkey, has a total of 27 countries, 9 different languages ​​and 5 different currencies. has an extremely complex structure. An effective management played a role in the success of a project of this scope, enabling us to apply the project management methodology (Agile Scrum & Kanban) suitable for business and project needs and directing rapid decision-making.

Benefits Provided by the Project

With this project, for which we received the SAP Quality Awards, one of the most prestigious awards of the SAP ecosystem, we contributed to LC Waikiki's increasing its efficiency and exports in the countries where it operates. Thanks to this platform for LC Waikiki's sales operations outside of Turkey, we have contributed to the realization of its target of providing affordable fashion to its customers with quality products. With our award-winning project, we helped LC Waikiki not only increase its sales-oriented activities, but also increase its high customer satisfaction.

The project, which we are currently working on for three new countries, gave LC Waikiki the ability to make quick decisions, as well as reduce the risks it may face. The project, which we successfully implemented in just 11 months, also gave LC Waikiki the advantage of being able to offer its products to the market in a shorter time.