21 Apr 2022

We are the guests of Bloomberg HT with Yorglass CEO Semavi Yorgancılar

We were guests of the Digital Strategy program broadcast on Bloomberg HT with our valued customer, Yorglass CEO, Semavi Yorgancılar, who continues activities with their experience of more than half a century. 

In the program, the strategies applied in the transformation journeys of companies to intelligent enterprises, sustainable businesses, cloud technologies and the positive results of the business processes with the SAP S/4HANA project implemented under the consultancy of Yorglass's Felece were conveyed.

"Three Critical Factors for Digital Transformation: Right Human Resources, Right Process, Right Infrastructure"

With the pandemic, the need to invest in technology and the use of technology increased 5 times compared to the pre-pandemic period. Companies are now investing in technology not only to gain competitive advantage, but also to become a sustainable business.

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya: Digital transformation consists of the right human resource, the right process and the right infrastructure. We stand by our customers in their journey of transformation into a smart business and provide the support they need to achieve their business goals. Another important point is that when we manage this transformation with our expert teams who know the process and the industry and can integrate their expertise with the corporate infrastructure, success is inevitable.

Managing the Supply Chain Correctly Is More Important Than Ever

Managing the supply chain has become more difficult in recent years due to customer demands, competition and socio-economic reasons. Strong ERP systems are needed to perfectly manage all end-to-end processes of the supply chain, especially in large structures. When all processes from supplier to customer are digitized, successive processes can be managed from a single platform; In this way, the business needs of the future can be made predictable with concepts such as speed, flexibility, agility and analytics. For sustainable competition, digitalization is evolving from necessity to necessity.

Yorglass CEO Semavi Yorgancılar: With the decision we took last year and our cooperation with Felece, we integrated SAP's S/4HANA ERP system into our company's business processes and systems. Digital infrastructures and systems enable us to properly manage our resources such as production and raw materials and our logistics plans.

Digitization is not an ending process, it is an ongoing journey. The reliability of the system used is also very important, and SAP offers an important resource in this direction.

"We Model the Needs of the Future Today"

It is critical to analyze global and local markets correctly and coordinate not only today's but also the future's needs from today. For this, it is necessary to reach the data that has been formed and will continue to be formed, to keep the data in a secure environment and to increase the resources when needed. Cloud technologies provide a structure where resources can be easily managed, precautions can be taken against cyber attacks and disaster scenarios can be multiplied instead of suddenly increasing investment expenditures.

Expressing that Yorglass is a large company that can set an example at this point, Oğuz Kaya: “We are modeling the needs of the future today. We carry out projects successfully by understanding the needs correctly and managing the risks before they arise.”

Semavi Yorgancılar talked about the outputs of the S/4HANA project investment realized under the consultancy of Felece: “The previous system has provided us with incredible benefits. We put our customer at the center of everything. We gained momentum on how to satisfy our customers in different geographies. As a result, for us, digitalization is a means, not an end.”

You can watch the details of the broadcast on our Youtube page.