Felece Academy

With Felece Academy, we offer our high knowledge and sectoral experience in technology consultancy to the service of the information technologies market.

Felece Academy is a long-term training program designed specifically for SAP consultants at the beginning of their careers and new graduates. In addition, our trainers will contribute to the development of current employees, as well as new graduates, thanks to the program.

Felece Academy program, specially designed with the technical knowledge and project experiences of our expert trainers in the field of SAP consultancy, opens the doors of an internationally valid career journey.

All of our development activities will ensure that employees meet their current needs and future needs by proactively planning in their roles, in line with company priorities, strategies and goals.

With Felece Academy, we aim to provide experience to young people who will take part in the business life of the future by determining the principles and practices in meeting their development needs.

At Felece Academy;

development focuses on two goals:

- To contribute positively to the business knowledge, technical qualification and performance of technology employees in order for businesses to reach their business goals.

- To reveal and develop the potential of the employees.

To achieve these goals, Felece Academy's training and development policy supports organizational competencies and necessary technical competencies with solutions that will enable functional and behavioral knowledge and skill development.

In the training program, it is aimed to design appropriate training and development solutions for the employees, to determine the application principles, to monitor the trainings and to make the necessary improvements by evaluating the feedbacks.

Thanks to Felece Academy Training Officers, who are selected among the business elements to support the needs analysis and planning processes, proactive solutions are designed and implemented by closely following the technical development needs of the employees.

Felece Akademi About

Determination and Evaluation Processes

of the Education Specialist

- Training specialists are selected from MM-SD-FI-CO-PP Consultancy teams, among employees with at least 5 years of experience.

- The education specialists to be selected have holistic perspectives and ideas about the work done in the department; Employees who can see the big picture. They closely follow the development and innovations of technology.

- People who want to continue their career as an instructor at Felece Academy; consists of employees who love to train and teach.

Technical Evaluation

The technical evaluation process is carried out with the technical interviews with the employees who are expected to progress in the process and the presentation process about the foreseen areas.

Competency Evaluation

Competency measurement inventory is applied to the candidates who are successful in the technical evaluation.

Instructor's Roles and Responsibilities

- Junior SAP consultant takes part in recruitment processes,
- Takes responsibility for the training and development of consultants at L1, L2 and L3 levels,
- Guiding the employees in the creation and implementation of the development plan, encouraging and following their development,
- Enables employees to actively participate in their own development processes,
- Participates in the design of development-supporting processes; designs and implements flows such as technical assessment, training plan, and exam administration,
- Undertakes the responsibility of planning training in line with the demands of the customers in the project works,
- Responsible for the application and evaluation of the exam for existing employees whose role level changes are planned.

Training of trainers

Training is planned within the scope of "Trainer's Training" for employees who will continue as trainers.

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