With SAP’s financial solutions and the expertise of Felece, you can ensure business continuity by minimizing the impact of economic disruptions on your systems.Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Develop a consistent management approach in terms of total revenue, profitability and environment with SAP’s comprehensive cloud ERP suite.

Processes supported by machine learning

Real-time, integrated analytics

Automated processes across the group

Real-time assessment

Capabilities intended for a wide range of industries

Why should you prefer SAP Financial Solutions ?

Real-time analysis

Streamlining of financial close and associated processes.

Planning features

Budgeting and forecasting features

Enterprise risk management

Scalable subscription models

What do SAP

Financial Solutions offer?

SAP Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Cybersecurity

With the growth of companies and the development of next-generation technologies, the amount of data generated is increasing every day. This increase not only causes complexity in control mechanisms but also opens the door to security vulnerabilities. Not to mention the legislations, laws, and regulations that must be complied with. Thanks to SAP’s Governance, Risk, Compliance and Cybersecurity solutions, you can automate all your processes and perform risk management with an effective control mechanism and confidence.

SAP Accounting, Financial Close and Tax Management

Divided into three categories as day-end, month-end and year-end the financial close ensures that all financial documents are recorded in order and organized before moving on to the next accounting period. It is a significant process as it allows you to ensure that all transactions in the relevant period are accurately recorded. Financial accounting, profit and loss accounts, balance transfers and balance sheet accounts are some of the financial close processes.

SAP Treasury and Risk Management

SAP Treasury and Risk Management | TRM covers the analysis, management and reporting functionalities of all financial processes of your institution. Today, volatility in the exchange rates as well as the developments in economic and political arena bring along financial risks. Even though there are laws and regulations that companies are supposed to comply to, reliable and transparent financial data monitoring is necessary to mitigate financial risks.

SAP Cash Management

You can monitor your company’s financial processes and data in real time. You can easily manage your capital by integrating all your financial data onto a single platform. SAP Cash Management solution offers end-to-end transparency with a centralized payment platform that provides real-time visibility into your financial data and accurate forecasts. It allows you to integrate digital transformation into your financial processes and to carry your capital into the future.

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