What is e-Ledger ?

e-Ledger is an application that enables the transfer of ledgers mandated by the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law and the Turkish Commercial Code to the electronic environment in line with the specified format and standards. With the e-Ledger application, the ledger file is prepared electronically and saved to be stored. It enables the immutability and integrity of the ledger as well as the singularity of the ledger’s source of truth. The legal and technical arrangements within the application’s framework enable the submission of e-ledgers, use of e-ledgers as proof, and execution of certification procedures regarding their opening and closing in an electronic environment.

Why should you switch to e-Ledger ?

Solutions such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Export, and e-Ledger not only enable efficiency optimization in your business processes, but also enhance the security of your critical documents. With the e-ledger application, you can protect, back-up, and easily archive your ledgers in an electronic system.

Implement e-Ledger under the

consultancy of Felece

With our e-Ledger solution which is integrated with the system provided by the Revenue Administration, we offer a structure that complies with finance-based e-Government applications. We enable instant e-Ledger checks for SAP users and provide the environment needed for record checks of previous periods and integrated e-Ledger creation. We ease your burden caused by large volume of documents in all your business processes and introduce you to the privileges of the digital world.

What is the scope of the obligation to switch to e-Ledger?

Taxpayers with a sales revenue of TRY 5 million or more, who are obliged to switch to the e-Invoice application until July 1, 2021, are obliged to switch to the e-Ledger application until January 1, 2022.

Explore the benefits of e-Ledger

  • The company’s financial status, trial balance, and balance sheet can be viewed instantly.
  • Eliminates problems including the loss or destruction of the ledger books.
  • Audits are carried out quickly and easily in the electronic environment.
  • Minimizes the costs associated with printing, archiving, etc.
  • It is compatible with SAP solutions.

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