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Gain flexibility with intelligent ERP

SAP S/4HANA is a next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that leverages artificial intelligence to transform your business processes in the digital economy.It provides a future-proof enterprise resource planning system (ERP solution) that uses intelligent technologies and solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics. It runs on SAP S/4HANA, the market-leading in-memory database, helping transform business processes with intelligent automation.

With its innovative and agile structure, SAP S/4HANA offers a one-stop solution to meet the needs of organizations. It enables you to achieve faster decision-making processes with its next-generation database, to monitor real-time analytics with the in-memory SAP S/4HANA system, and to collect data instantly.

By creating interconnected systems, you can enable the supply chain to adapt quickly, as well as having the new operating models implemented and reorganizing the workforce. By transforming real-time data into action, you can increase the productivity of your employees and capture business opportunities.

Migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA

SAP ECC 6.0 and SP ECC 6.0 for which the support service will be terminated after 2027, does not utilize the intelligent technologies that are essential for you to be a part of the competition in the digital economy. The next-generation ERP solution SAP S/4HANA offers flexibility, speed and foresight and helps you overcome today’s challenges and prepare for future opportunities.

You can easily migrate from SAP ECC 6.0 to SAP S/4HANA by choosing one of the three different approaches:

  • A Hybrid approach
  • New implementation | greenfield
  • System conversion | brownfield

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Solutions For Future

Our team of best-in-class SAP Consultants work with a number of leading companies across the globe who trust our technology and industry expertise in terms of efficiency, gains increased productivity and achieving clear financial and business benefits while at the same time providing superior customer service. We provide end to end solutions in most verticals, solutions that have made our customers run better, faster and smarter with SAP whole portfolio and Felece tailored solutions. We help to shape successful organisations all over the world as they pursue their digital transformation journeys.

Our end-to-end suite of applications and services enables companies to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and make a difference. With our complementary methodologies and solutions in enterprise application software such as digital ERP, Customer Experience, CRM, Field Service Management, Supply Chain Management, Employee & Talent Management, Felece adopts a holistic approach to digital transformation.


Our mission is to empower companies to innovate, transform and deliver value, through the use of industry-specific knowledge and standards. We help to shape companies all over the world as they pursue their digital transformation journeys and to go beyond intuition & act based on real evidence.


We are inspired to create software solutions that bring together the technologies of the future with today's business models, and to create value for our customers with our ability to offer services, expertise and consultancy for all end-to-end business processes.

Introducing RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP offers all the solutions and services you need to truly transform your business in the digital economy in the form of an all-in-one package regardless of where you currently are on your journey of becoming an intelligent enterprise. The package offers a lean, flexible, holistic solution that will accompany you in every step of your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise and provides guidance and support services from a single source in addition to the advantages of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Implement SAP Application Development and Integration solution under the consultancy of Felece

Eliminate all your complex business procedures with SAP Application Development and Integration solution to be implemented by Felece’s experienced experts and consultants. On your organization’s digital transformation journey, ensure the secure integration of all your processes and improve your operational business processes.

Meet the innovative solutions to achieve cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth in energy industry.

Energy Transformation

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Success Stories

VitrA SAP Commerce Cloud Success Story
VitrA SAP Commerce Cloud Success Story

VitrA stands out for being one of the biggest players in the building products sector in Turkey, as well as being one of the pioneers of its sector in terms of digitalization. VitrA, which is a leading manufacturer in the field of B2B and aims to grow in the B2C field by taking part in e-commerce, which is the fastest growing market in the world, decided to move forward with the SAP Commerce Cloud product for this purpose. Felece preferred the expertise of Felece for the project that will enable the application of this solution, which is already actively used on the B2B side, also in B2C processes.

Farmasi Written Success Story
Farmasi Written Success Story

Operating in the cosmetics industry, Turkey’s largest direct sales company Farmasi successfully implemented Turkey’s first SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extended Project in collaboration with Felece. The company now operates within a flexible and efficient structure on a single system with real-time reporting capabilities.

Enerjisa Kurumsal C4C
Enerjisa Kurumsal C4C

We have successfully implemented the first C4C project in the energy sector in Turkey and the first cloud solution within Enerjisa, with the hard work, dedication and superior knowledge of our team.

With the KURMOB project, which we implemented in Enerjisa, the leader of the sector, which provides distribution services to more than 21 million users by reaching 10.1 million customers in 14 provinces, Enerjisa has increased its competitive power in retail medium and large scale sales force automation processes with the latest technology.


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Felece Web Portal

This site programmed and designed by
Mustafa Emre Tekinsoy

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