e-Delivery Note

What is e-Delivery Note ?

e-Delivery Note is an electronic document issued on a digital environment and has the same function as a printed delivery note. The electric delivery note, which works in the same way as the printed delivery note, also has the same legal standard as a printed delivery note.

Why should you switch to e-Delivery Note ?

Switching to e-Delivery Note adds speed and convenience to your performance compared to using printed delivery notes. While boosting your efficiency by accelerating your business processes, it also enables you to access all delivery notes in only a few seconds thanks to its digital archiving feature.

Implement e-Delivery Note under the

consultancy of Felece.

e-Delivery Note, one of the digitalized accounting processes, was imposed as a legal obligation on the relevant organizations. With our e-Delivery Note solution, we enable you to integrate into a legally compliant system.

Our solution has many capabilities including the sending delivery notes online and online control of e-Delivery Notes during the goods acceptance process and with this solution, we improve your processes by migrating them end-to-end to the digital environment along with other e-solutions we offer such as e-Invoice!

Is it mandatory to switch to e-Delivery Note ?

According to the Communique published in the Official Gazette dated February 9, 2021 and numbered 31390 by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance’s Revenue Administration, as of January 1, 2020, taxpayers with a gross sales revenue of TRY 25 million or more in the relevant accounting period are required to switch to e-Delivery Note starting from the beginning of the seventh month of the following accounting period. For registered taxpayers, issuing delivery notes in the form of e-Delivery Notes and receiving e-Delivery Notes from registered users have also become mandatory as of the same date other than in exceptional cases.

Explore the benefits of e-Delivery Note.

  • It mitigates the risk of loss while shipping and archiving.
  • It ensures access to all delivery notes within seconds thanks to its digital archiving feature.
  • It boosts efficiency by accelerating your business processes.
  • It provides speed and convenience to business processes.
  • It enables you to perform reporting operations easier and faster.
  • It is compatible with SAP solutions.

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