e-Archive Invoice

What is e-Archive Invoice ?

e-Archive is the transfer of invoices issued to taxpayers and end-users who are not registered with the e-Invoice system to an electronic environment. On the other hand, e-Archive Invoice is an application that allows the invoice, which has to be issued, stored, and submitted in paper in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law, to be issued and stored electronically in accordance with the standards determined by the Turkish Revenue Administration.

Why should you switch to e-Archive Invoice ?

Companies, particularly those operating in B2C, tend to print out e-Invoices and send them to the relevant party. With the e-Archive Invoice solution, you can send an invoice to your customer who is not a taxpayer using the same interface and store its duplicate.

What is the scope of the obligation to switch to e-Archive Invoice ?

According to the General Communique of the Tax Procedure no 509 published following the e-Invoice obligation that was introduced on July 1, 2020, all taxpayers included in the e-Invoice system are obliged to switch to e-Archive. The first prerequisite for this procedure which can be easily completed in just a few step is to be an e-Invoice user.

  • Explore the benefits offered by e-Archive Invoice.

    • Companies in the e-Archive Invoice system can issue their invoices electronically and store them throughout the period required by law.
    • Costs associated with labor, time, correction, classification, and archiving are reduced.
    • Issued invoices can be easily and quickly submitted.
    • Invoice sending takes only a few minutes.
    • It is compatible with SAP solutions.
  • Implement e-Archive Invoice under the consultancy of Felece.

    • We enable you to improve your processes with the e-Archive Invoice system which allows the control of all invoices from a single screen, and integrate it end-to-end with other SAP-based solutions you already use. Thus, we ensure that all your e-invoices are safely stored in a digital environment in accordance with legal regulations!

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