What is e-Declaration ?

It is the process of sending tax returns and notifications via the internet to the Revenue Administration in accordance with Article 257 of the Tax Procedure Law, with the government's implementation of the Tax Offices Full Automation Project.

Why Should You Switch to e-Declaration ?

The accounting units of the companies regularly prepare tax returns for business activities in electronic form and upload them to the relevant system of the Revenue Administration. Companies that use SAP products in their business processes can perform many e-Declaration-related transactions through ready-made modules.

Complete your e-Declaration processes quickly and smoothly with Felece e-Declaration solution

  • The e-Declaration solution developed by Felece for SAP systems prevents the problems you may experience with the Revenue Administration platform. With the e-Declaration solution, you can prepare your declarations, which must be submitted to the tax office, in a fast, trouble-free and easy way in electronic environment.
  • You can automatically integrate the result statement into the system in the format requested by the government, and automatically upload your e-Declarations to the Revenue Administration platform without any additional processing. In this way, you can take full advantage of the advantages of e-declaration, such as facilitating transactions, preventing errors, and saving paper.
  • As Felece e-Declaration solution prevents you from being affected by the deadlock and connection problems in the Revenue Administration systems, which are caused by the densities experienced in certain periods, you can get rid of repetitive work and waste of time.
  • Declarations that can be prepared with Felece's e-Declaration solution :

    • Value Added Tax 1 (VAT1)
    • Value Added Tax 2 (VAT2)
    • Withholding tax
    • Tax return reporting
    • Stamp duty
    • BA Statement
    • BS Statement

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