What is e-Export ?

e-Export enables you to make online sales to international customers. Unlike the conventional export process, online shopping experience is involved in the e-Export process which allows you to easily access to different countries and markets.

Why should you switch to e-Export ?

e-Export, also called cross-border e-commerce, enables you to export your products or services to international markets through digital channels, allowing you to be active in your target markets regardless of where they are. By switching to e-Export, you can increase the amount of orders you receive from international markets and by setting multiple foreign languages in your e-commerce site for the relevant countries, you can transform the traffic created by search engines into profit. Besides, while doing these, you can save the time and money which you would otherwise spend for conventional export processes.

Implement e-Export under the

consultancy of Felece.

e-Export is a legal obligation imposed on exporting companies by the Revenue Administration and through this solution we offer, we ensure that your overseas operations are run smoothly and in compliance with the legal regulations. Within the scope of our e-Export solution, which e-Invoice users use in their export processes, we also carry out the required integrations you need on the SAP platform.

How to switch to e-Export ?

e-Export is a commercial activity carried out within the framework of Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ECCD) and micro export rules. According to ECCD, in order to perform an export, the relevant shipment must be below 150 kg in weight and less than EUR 7,500 in value.

Explore the benefits of e-Export.

  • Investment costs are lower compared to conventional export.
  • Reaching the target market is much easier.
  • Any country in the world can be a target market.
  • Micro exporting does not require any procedures such as certificates or compliance certificates.
  • Risk is minimized.
  • It is compatible with SAP solutions.

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