What is e-Reconciliation ?

e-Reconciliation is a system that enables easy, fast, secure, and automatic comparison of asset and liability statements between companies and their customers in the electronic environment with minimum risk. It helps you use your resources efficiently by minimizing the waste of time in reconciliation processes.

Why should you switch to e-Reconciliation ?

e-Reconciliation is a web application developed for BA-BS reconciliations and current account reconciliations and can be integrated with other systems such as e-Archive and e-Delivery Note on both desktop and cloud environments, allowing you to quickly access data. By switching to e-Reconciliation, you can save the expenses associated with the use of printed documents while keeping your documents in a secure environment.

Implement e-Reconciliation under the

consultancy of Felece

Enabling you to digitalize your reconciliation processes with your customers and suppliers, our e-Reconciliation solution helps you achieve increased efficiency and labor savings. In addition to the execution of your BA/BS reconciliations, we also provide account statement and account reconciliations, and, if needed, we enable you to carry out correspondences with your counterparties regarding notifications of delay via SAP, eliminating the need for an intermediary software.

Who can use e-Reconciliation ?

All companies including affiliates and business partnerships that intend to carry out their BA/BS reconciliations and current account reconciliations electronically can use the e-Reconciliation system.

Explore the benefits of e-Reconciliation.

  • It accelerates business processes by enabling quick responses.
  • It saves time.
  • It reduces costs associated with paper use, cargo and archiving.
  • It allows quick access to all reconciliation reports from a single source.
  • It minimizes operating costs.
  • It is compatible with SAP solutions.

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