What is Transport Electronic Tracking and Control System (U-ETDS) ?

It is a system that provides real-time tracking, evaluation and control of all transportation movements of companies engaged in transportation activities such as dangerous goods, goods, cargo and passengers, within the scope of the Road Transport Regulation (KTY) and the Road Transport Law No. 4925 (KTK).

Data can be sent to the U-ETDS system in two ways before the time specified in the Regulation :

Data Entry over E-Government : It is the transporters' entry of data regarding their transport activities through the e-Government portal and transmitting data to the U-ETDS system in this way.

Data Entry Via Web Service : It is the automatic transmission of the transportation information (vehicle, passenger, departure time, route, etc.) that the companies have entered into their own programs to the U-ETDS system.

Why Felece U-ETDS ?

Integration Solution

The data requested by the Ministry of Transport can be automatically notified via the web service.

Thanks to our solution integrated with SAP, you can make unlimited number of U-ETDS notifications and allocate your time to more strategic issues for you.

What is the transition obligation to U-ETDS ?

Companies operating commercially within the framework of KTK and KTY and holding the following documents are within the scope of U-ETDS.

Scheduled/non-scheduled passenger carriers (A1, A2, B1, B2, D1 and D2)

Goods carriers (K1, K3, C2 and C3)

Logistics operators (L1 and L2)

Cargo operators (M1 and M2)

Shipping warehouses (N1 and N2)

Distribution operators (P1 and P2)

Terminal operators (T1 and T2)

Holders of C1 and K2 authorization certificates engaged in dangerous goods activities

With U-ETDS system;

For the first time, the movements of goods, passengers and cargo to be transported commercially can be tracked electronically.

Out-of-scope -irregular- transport can be prevented.

Transportation activities can be planned and controlled via the online environment.

The financial and social rights of employees in the transportation sector can be followed up.

Transport information can be shared with public order units within the scope of security measures.

It can be shared with the relevant units for financial analysis and taxation of transportation activities.

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