Budget Payroll Simulation Solution

Budget Payroll Simulation Solution

Budget Payroll Simulation Solution can quickly and realistically implement your human resources cost planning with many scenarios and customized simulations specific to your company.

Our solution is powered by your actual payroll data, allowing you to simulate all costs related to your workforce - from hiring to benefits to promotions - in an unlimited manner, from individual record details to company code summaries. This way, you can quickly compare your company's actual and simulated payroll costs and employee information in seconds through a single system, presenting, reporting, and submitting them for approval, especially in rapidly changing economic conditions.

The calculations made with the Budget Payroll Simulation solution will help you save time by eliminating errors that may occur in manually generated reports. With the actual-to-budget, budget-to-budget, and budget-to-forecast comparisons available within the product, you can gain a 360-degree view of your payroll costs.

Why should you prefer Felece Budget Payroll Simulation Solution?

Enter the payroll and payroll items for each employee and simulate all possibilities,

Personalize all items and scenarios to see their real-life equivalents and instantly report on the scenario you decide is appropriate,

Create multiple simulations to create the best resource plan for yourself,

Create flexible simulations with actual data,

Shape the interface with a company-specific perspective,

Perform fast and low-error margin financial analysis against changing economic conditions.

Budget Payroll Simulation Solution

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