International Trade Solution

International Trade Solution (VIES)

In our rapidly digitalizing world, the borders that were set up for international trade are being lifted one after another. Proper management of processes today and tomorrow is more crucial than ever. Having developed the International Trade Solution as Felece, we enable you to smoothly manage your import and export processes in compliance with the regulations and to monitor them from a single cockpit. With the detailed expense management algorithm, we facilitate the detailed tracking of the expenses associated with the import and export processes. We help optimize the expense-cost allocation and enable you to carry out logistics, financial and incentive transactions associated with international trade easily and without errors.

Manage your international trade processes via a centralized screen

With the International Trade Solution VIES, we enable you to systematically follow the steps and official practices that need to be followed in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and other legal regulations. We enable you to open an import file and process the expenses associated with that file in the international trade processes based on tracking files. In this way, we help you collect all the import processes at the file opening stage or proforma invoice stage in a repository and initiate processes using a centralized screen.

With VIES, you can easily manage the advance payment and payment processes that take place between international trade and finance departments and manage in detail the transactions such as status tracking, expense management, management of advance payment-payment tracking, and file status tracking.

Integrated with SAP ERP, the International Trade Solution VIES does not require you to make any additional effort for the data flow between your systems.

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