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Supplier Portal (VEPO)

Today, companies are working with more suppliers due to the increase in diversity and the consequent rise in consumers’ demands. Therefore, the companies need a more systematic structure to manage their relations with suppliers. As Felece, we developed an HTML5-SAP Fiori-based Supplier Portal (VEPO) to enable you to manage your supplier relations faster, more effectively, and online. We offer you the opportunity to access your suppliers and your business processes on the web. Also providing a reliable environment which may include critical information, the Supplier Portal VEPO enables you to avoid any potential problems that may arise from communicating your confidential information by phone or e-mail.

TIncrease your order fulfillment rate and speed with Supplier Portal VEPO

With our Supplier Portal VEPO solution which offers online integration with SAP, you can easily manage numerous processes such as purchasing, ordering, quotation, invoice, ASN, pricing, inventory, and current information. Additionally, we enable you to communicate every detail associated with announcements and notifications to your suppliers and enable the suppliers to access relevant information. VEPO enables you to manage your workflows with your suppliers faster and online across your purchasing business processes. With VEPO, we ensure your “on-time delivery” promise by enabling you to manage orders anytime and anywhere, while also enabling you to increase your order fulfillment rate and speed.

Eliminate the loss of time resulting from miscommunication

Supplier Portal VEPO enables your suppliers to have access to information via mobile devices. With VEPO, we help your suppliers access the information they need and easily communicate with you even when they are not at their offices. The ability to access to the system regardless of where you are minimizes the loss of time caused by miscommunication with your suppliers, easing your workload.

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