Trade Promotion Management

Trade Promotion Management

We designed TPM for enterprises operating in the FMCG sector, delivering their products to the end-users through dealers, supermarkets or grocery stores. Through TPM, we aim to manage the planning, budgeting, reservation, accounting processes of the products distributed and sold in our customers’ sales networks so that they can realize their trade promotion management in the most effective way.

What can you do with our Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution?

A pre-analysis opportunity is provided during the planning phase of an activity with information such as current agreement conditions and sales in past periods

Fund management enables a more efficient use of promotion budgets.

More profitable promotions are designed and planned for the right customers by calculating the cost of past promotions.

Customer progress payments can be tracked more conveniently by integrating the promotional equivalents to the accounting system.

Customer progress payments are calculated faster and more accurately.

Promotional expenses can be reflected on the right products or product groups to enable the accurate calculation of product profitability.

Trade Promotion Management

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