Service Management

Service Management

Are the solutions that will fully meet your needs not covered by standard ERP or CRM solutions? You can find the answers to your questions by implementing service management with the reassurance of Felece.

Felece Service Management helps you overcome such challenges

Within the scope of service management, we bring together technologies, solutions, resources, and experts that will meet all your needs end-to-end within the requested time, and manage all components holistically from a single point. With our technology, software, SAP consulting and process consultancy competencies and our methodologies, we meet your business needs regardless of brands, platforms, companies, and individuals. We manage your resources uninterruptedly and optimize your efficiency.

Why should you prefer Felece Service Management?

With Felece Service Management, we provide a module where you can track your services along with your inventory. We bring together different solutions and expertise for projects that are specific to your enterprise and allow many solution and service providers to collaborate and be orchestrated for you. We enable you to add your expense items such as power, rent, and maintenance to your services. We enable you to easily use the products registered in your stocks that you wish to show your customers in transactions such as quotations and invoicing by way of a service card.

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Felece Service Management enables you to:

Meet your changing business needs from a single point.

Outsource resource management.

Save on total inventory costs by reducing inventory levels of service components.

Achieve better outcomes without dealing with orchestration problems in your projects where different parties and resources will be allocated.

Get an effective and facilitating SAP consultancy with our expert team

Boost customer satisfaction.

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