Automotive and Construction Equipment

“Your position in the global market is determined by your technology.”

Bora Hisarlıoğlu, Felece Senior Advisor Automotive Industry

Like all other industries, the automotive and construction equipment industry takes its share from the rapidly developing technology and launches products that meet current needs. Market players, on the other hand, continue to search for solutions that will improve them to be fully integrated with digital transformation in various fields from the key industry and spare parts to hand tools and metal forging business.

Leveraging the system it built on a solid foundation and extensive experience, Felece contributes to the development of the automotive and construction equipment industry with solutions that enable the companies to control all kinds of data and information in a quick, efficient, high-quality, transparent manner. Thanks to the database it has created, it supports and guides the automotive and construction equipment industry of the future.

It analyzes the in-house operations of enterprises with customized systems that optimize operations, maintain and standardize quality and offer suggestions as to which production model to choose according to the current position and resources of the organization. While helping to reduce costs through projects that ensure workforce and capacity efficiency in the supply chain, it mitigates risks through effective use of data.

“Lead the way with Felece in the automotive industry where the integration of planning and production processes with other departments is crucial and every second counts in optimizing the order fulfillment rate!”

What do we provide for automotive and subsidiary industry companies ?

  • We reduce the time needed to access a desired report from days to hours, even to just a few seconds, and enable you to leverage reliable and clean information whenever you need to make quick decisions.
  • We create digital footprints across all processes from entering the orders into the system to the initiation of production in the facility and even to the execution of delivery processes followed by the support process. With our experts, we optimize and improve the time management of workflows, enabling the entire system to run in an integrated way.
  • By integrating all workflows among all stakeholders such as the players in the key industry, players in automotive supply industry and OEMs into the same system, we help you optimize your supply chain, workforce, and capacity efficiency.
  • We automate the tracking of maintenance and wear-out periods of the molds and machines used in production. Thus, we reduce your costs associated with wear-out, facilitating the prevention of losses by identifying the equipment that needs to be replaced before failures occur.

  • We analyze your in-house operations and offer suggestions as to which production model you should prefer according to your current position and resources. Thus, we eliminate the risk of surplus stock which is one of the primary cost items in your industry. We enable you to monitor the composition of your inventory, namely the number of finished products, semi-finished products, and raw materials, at any time.
  • We provide you with the system required to perform cost analyses by product, enabling you to determine your real, actual, and official costs individually. Using this feature, you can create consolidated financial reports that include all your affiliates. We enable you to create these reports in accordance with the international financial reporting system, and help you make comparative assessments in line with the global standards.
  • We provide the infrastructure required to perform risk management in your international trade transactions, namely imports and exports. Thus we enable you to carry out a flexible production planning based on orders, allowing you to avoid delays in order delivery dates and enhance your order fulfillment rates.
  • We enable you to access the entire system via your smart mobile devices anytime and anywhere, enabling you to manage all your processes digitally.

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