Energy Transformation

Meet the innovative solutions to achieve cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth in energy industry

Connect suppliers and customers through a digital network to achieve success in challenging markets. Simplify your processes to increase efficiency, and take your business into the future with security, cost control, and reliable data-based insights.

Explore how we can assist you in managing your business in the energy sector more effectively.


SAP's intelligent solutions for the energy sector not only turn your company into a profitable enterprise but also help protect people, the planet, and profits.

  • Energy monitoring and analytics
  • Product and supplier sustainability assessments
  • Environmental, health, and safety management
  • Quality management and compliance

Exploration, Development, Production

SAP solutions help reduce risk and increase profit margins in your business operations.

  • Project planning, execution, and collaboration
  • Management of hydrocarbon discovery, production, and development processes
  • Integrated hydrocarbon production, maintenance, engineering, and planning
  • Streamlined hydrocarbon finance and revenue processes
  • Integrated field logistics with service providers

Energy Transformation

By improving operations and gaining more visibility and information, you can integrate all your processes and optimize energy transformation.

  • Integrated refinery and lubrication process management
  • Processes and quality management compatible with petrochemicals
  • Support for alternative fuels
  • Alignment of facility-level operations with the corporate level

Trading, Storage, Transportation

Your petroleum, gas, and energy company can adapt to changing supply and demand with flexibility thanks to information from hydrocarbon trading, storage, and transportation.

  • Real-time trading, planning, and risk management
  • Supply and distribution chain management
  • Visibility into petroleum and natural gas inventories, planned movements, and ships
  • Secondary distribution with integrated processes and real-time information
  • Optimized supply and demand planning and forecasting

Sales, Service, and Marketing

Loyalty goes hand in hand with understanding. Our integrated sales, service, and marketing software can help you engage in personalized interactions based on customer feedback, deepen relationships, and gain recurring business.

  • Sales management for fuels, liquefied natural gas (LNG), chemicals, and lubricants
  • Support for transitioning from vehicle-focused stations to preferred multipurpose points
  • Essential and targeted petroleum and gas marketing management
  • Digital platform for new business models

Asset Management and Operations

By implementing the latest technology innovations for the energy sector, you can effectively plan, schedule, implement, and improve your petroleum, gas, and energy operations and asset maintenance.

  • Support for ISO standards and IPSECA methodology
  • Reliability-focused and predictive maintenance to minimize downtime
  • Access to a common data set for ensuring consistency across all activities.

SAP solutions and Felece expertise that cater to the unique needs of the energy industry help you achieve cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides upstream hydrocarbon accounting and management for the petroleum, gas, and energy industry.
  • Increase upward efficiency by consolidating petroleum, gas, and energy production processes in engineering, asset maintenance, and planning areas with SAP S/4HANA.
  • Enhance inventory visibility and informed decision-making in hydrocarbon management in the energy sector with SAP S/4HANA, managing your business with timely and accurate inventory information.
  • Maximize asset health and performance for your petroleum, gas, and energy operations with SAP Intelligent Asset Management.
  • Gain corporate visibility through SAP for your risk-based inspection (RBI) program, expedite decision-making in maintenance cycles, and reduce IT and security complexity.
  • Optimize truck product loading and necessary processes at petroleum and gas terminals with full integration with SAP S/4HANA through Felece expertise.
  • Create an ideal loyalty program for fuel and service stations looking to scale their Loyalty Experience Platform. It seamlessly integrates with SAP Customer Experience solutions through Felece expertise.

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