Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

“We prescribe ‘technology’ to the pharmaceutical industry for healthy and successful growth.”

Pınar Hacıhasanoğlu, Felece Consultancy Leader, Pharmaceutical Industry

Quality control stages are extremely important in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, while healthcare, auditing, and validation stand out as critical processes. The necessity of collecting data from separate operational units into a common a repository reveals once again how decisive the adoption of new technologies in business processes is in terms of sustainability.

The capability to monitor every stage in production and distribution within the industry is crucial. However, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry faces major financial and legal challenges. Companies need to be able to effectively manage the visiting and sales processes of sales representatives to ensure survival in a fiercely competitive environment. The ways to stand out in this competition are to perform effective planning, integrate technology into all elements, and get a grasp of the entire organization. By adapting SAP Technologies to your industry, Felece helps you gain full control over all processes from production to the procurement of raw materials and from prescription management to approval procedures. Thanks to the technology integrated into your systems, it enables you to smoothly manage all these processes by leveraging a powerful infrastructure, as well as a customizable platform and software. Consequently, it helps you optimize your productivity, cost, planning, and monitoring processes.

“Lead the way with Felece in the pharmaceutical industry which focuses on quality management and where monitoring production and management processes is of great importance!”

What do we provide for pharmaceutical companies?

  • We reduce the time needed to access a desired report from days to hours, even to just a few seconds, and enable you to leverage reliable and clean information whenever you need to make quick decisions.
  • With high-quality and rapid solutions we offer, we help the market players achieve fully integrated traceability with minimum labor and cost.
  • By integrating all workflows associated with your products, customers and suppliers into the same system, we shorten and facilitate business processes, improving your efficiency.
  • We enable your representatives working in the field to instantly exchange information with your systems via smart mobile devices.
  • We set up the system required to monitor the shelf life of products and raw materials, and enable you to record information on all stages of production in a way that allows for audition at any point using retrospective reports.
  • We help you manage the validation processes much more quickly, flexibly, easily and error-free through the validated projects we implement.
  • We provide the system required to monitor the sales figures by product, product group or sales region within specified time intervals.
  • We help you build a foundation to migrate your systems associated with warehousing, production facilities, quality, and laboratory into an integrated infrastructure.
  • We help you rapidly adapt to changes in legal regulations.
  • We enable you to meet the requirements associated with the regular monitoring of 2d-barcode applications and the drug tracking system, etc. through a single system.
  • For companies involved in both manufacturing and sales, we provide the infrastructure required for the representatives’ approval procedures and processing of these on the system. We enable you to see the costs associated with each representative and manage debiting processes accordingly.

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