“The cost of investing in technology is much less than not investing in it.”

Ümit Yılmaz, Felece Senior Advisor Retail Industry

Only dynamic companies can achieve long-term success in the retail industry where trends change rapidly and conditions of the market competition differ from day to day. Speed, agility, and efficiency are the leading features of this industry and market players can only survive by leveraging the capabilities of technology. While the whole world was having a hard time during the pandemic, e-commerce channels gained a great deal of momentum, accelerating the transformation across the entire industry. Companies that lack the required infrastructure, equipment, and support need to catch up with current trends in technology as soon as possible.

With its experienced team of consultants, Felece enables your company to make quick decisions and take quick actions in the retail industry, helping you to easily adapt to the dynamics of the industry.

While paving the way for increasing your market share in the fierce competition, it also strengthens your brand and enables you to rapidly respond to customer demands and market conditions through effective use of data and analysis tools.

Providing a technological boost to all processes in the retail and merchandising industry ranging from manufacturing private label products and purchasing to packaging and campaign management, Felece brings the market players together with innovative solutions, leveraging its strong infrastructure and support network. Felece makes a difference for you with its team of consultants who have implemented many successful projects that set an example for the industry.

“Lead the way with Felece in the retail industry where innovators always win in providing the best service for their customers!”

What do we provide to companies operating in the retail industry ?

  • We reduce the time needed to access a desired report from days to hours, even to just a few seconds, and enable you to leverage data-driven reliable information whenever you need to make quick decisions.
  • We enable you to minimize potential errors in areas that are critical for success in the retail industry such as inventory management, demand forecasting and management, omni-channel marketing, central management, Fast-Fashion, import – export risk management and offer you our guidance to help you take innovative and competitive steps.
  • By integrating all workflows associated with your products, customers and suppliers into the same system, we shorten and facilitate business processes, improving your efficiency.
  • We offer the system required to enable you to understand the consumer shopping behavior.
  • We enable you to analyze the shopping behavior of your customers through different channels and help you get the data you need for omni-channel retailing.
  • We enable you to take a snapshot of your sales on several bases including category, season, campaign, and colors. If needed, we support you to improve your shelf management and cross-selling capabilities.
  • We enable you to create simulations for demand forecasting, helping you gain advantage in determining future strategies.
  • We provide integrations that improve your controlling capabilities between your systems and empower you with control over your data.
  • We strengthen your POS management and integration capabilities with our HiPOS solution. This solution facilitates store management. We empower your store personnel with new capabilities to offer your customers new services including offering alternative products based on their shopping behavior.
  • We enhance the manageability of the processes that are associated with product transfers among stores.
  • We enable you to optimize your inventory level so that your stock is sufficient to eliminate the risk of “sell-out” or the risk of being left with too many unsold goods and help you establish an automated shipping system.

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