Steel, Metal and Machinery

“When you add no value to iron or metal, then what you do is basically selling them by weight.”

Ufuk Çavdar, Consultancy Team Leader in Machinery and Metal Industries

Having a grasp of the risks and markets in the steel, metal, and machinery industry where long-term plans and strong collaborations prevail is crucial. Largely dominated by local manufacturers, steel, metal, and machinery industries feel a greater need to enhance their competitive power and leverage technology when they turn towards meeting the production demands of multinational companies. Developing innovative solutions becomes essential for companies to survive in this competitive environment. Leading players in the market wishing to make a difference and boost productivity need to strengthen their capabilities to develop innovative solutions and establish long-term business relationships. To achieve this, they need to closely follow the innovations in the industry and deliver solutions that meet current needs.

By implementing SAP applications, Felece enables you to catch up with the dynamics of our age in all processes including your supplier relations, internal communications, and the management of the changing customer demands. Thus, it enables you to strengthen your position in the market by providing you with a competitive edge. Possessing extensive information about the transformation taking place in the industry and the sector’s vision for the future, Felece’s expert consultants support you to stay ahead in the competition.

“Lead the way in the machinery and metal industry where each production line has thousands of different recipes, products, routes, and material values parametrically!”

What do we provide for companies operating in the Steel, Metal and Machinery industry?

  • We reduce the time needed to access a desired report from days and hours to seconds, and allow you to leverage the data-driven reliable information you need for faster decision-making.
  • By integrating all workflows associated with your products, customers, and suppliers into the same system, we shorten and facilitate business processes, improving your efficiency.
  • We support your customer-oriented processes with CRM applications and integrate this system into your service and sales processes, allowing you to have complete control over them.
  • We enable the transfer all the information requested by your customers including those on the configuration structure, line, and route between sales and production departments.
  • We ensure that cost and price information are created simultaneously and at the automatic ordering stage as per the requested product configuration.
  • We enable your sales representatives and business partners to monitor the capacity information, current production stage, and order deadlines online.
  • We automate the tracking of the maintenance and wear-out periods of the molds and machines used in production. Thus, we reduce your wear-out costs, identify and inform you about the equipment that needs to be replaced before failures occurs, preventing interruptions in production.
  • We enable you to see which products, semi-finished products, and raw materials are currently in your inventory at any time, and to track this information in terms of weight, size, and volume as well as separate units of measurement on a batch basis.
  • We enable you to streamline the management of your export-import processes, as well as the risk monitoring of associated transactions.
  • We enable you to access the entire system via your smart mobile devices and help you remotely manage your processes anytime and anywhere.

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