Felece Smart Fashion

While customers in the textile industry demand more products than ever before, supply chain processes become increasingly more challenging for companies operating in the industry, and margins are getting lower. Providing real-time visibility and coordination in all systems seems to be the only way to facilitate production and retail operations. Felece Smart Fashion (FSF) is an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution, specifically developed by Felece for the textile industry and enables the market players to stay ahead of the competition in every sub-sector of the textile industry such as yarn, weaving and knitting, dyeing and printing, ready-made garments, and apparel.

Manage all your business processes end-to-end with Felece Smart Fashion

Powered by SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori, FSF offers a comprehensive intelligent ERP solution designed for companies in the textile industry to meet the demands of the digital economy. FSF allows you to achieve a better architecture, better business processes and technologies at minimum cost and risk level within a very short time. Powered by SAP systems and Felece’s experience in the textile industry, FSF is an SAP qualified partner-packed solution that covers the entire ecosystem of the industry and enables end-to-end management for companies operating in the industry for all processes from production to logistics operations with the best practices in numerous sub-sectors including yarn, fiber, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, ready-made garments and apparel.

  • Yarn and Fiber

    • Purchasing processes
    • Fiber warehouse tracking
    • Ring, bobbin planning, occupancy analysis
    • Integration with packaging machines
    • Barcoded yarn, husk and fiber tracking in warehouse; barcoded shipment transactions
    • Fiber and yarn quality control monitoring
    • Blend recipe creation and blend monitoring
    • Delivery note, invoicing transactions and cost analyses
    • Weighing integration in logistics processes
    • Capability to manage different needs across processes such as roving, yarn, twisted yarn, etc.
  • Knitting and Weaving

    • Purchasing processes
    • Device-supported weaving production tracking (integration with software such as Loom data, CATS, etc.)
    • Monitoring outsourced manufacturing in weaving, yarn, dyeing, twisting, sizing, and warping
    • Easy tracking through order in integration with dyeing plant
    • Warehouse tracking for yarn and tracking of the contract manufacturer’s yarn stocks
    • Automated tracking of yarn consumption and lot-based textile waste
    • Warping and sizing tracking; warping inventory tracking
    • Quality control transactions
    • Report, pattern design, and variant monitoring
    • Operational recipe (sizing recipe, warping recipe, etc.) processes
    • Delivery note, invoice and cost calculation

  • Dyeing and Printing

    • All approved and unapproved purchasing processes
    • Purchasing analysis and supplier assessment
    • Laboratory and color works
    • Color recipe processes
    • Recipe archiving and costs
    • Integration with dosing systems (Eliar, Sedo, Orgatex, etc.)
    • Dye-Chemicals stock tracking
    • Weighing integration
    • Lot and expiry date tracking
    • Pattern and Print module
    • Variant, template, and recipe tracking
    • Use of variant configuration
    • Accompaniment card
    • Operation on-off tracking
    • Raw control, surface control operations
    • Quality control processes over 4-point and 10-point scales
    • Quality control bench integrations
    • Error maps and error reporting
    • Barcoded tracking system
    • Follow-up of second-quality, repair and scrap processes
    • Dyeing plant occupancy and inventory analyses

  • Ready-Made Garments and Apparel

    • Pre-order processes (follow-up of processes prior to mass production such as sampling, pre-production, etc.)
    • Inspection of accessories and packaging materials
    • Planning and deadline setting
    • Routing operations
    • Production pattern preparation and pattern master data tracking
    • Outsourcing and in-house manufacturing
    • Cutting, meto labelling, sorting, printing/sewing operations
    • Quality control and post-production operations
    • Buttonhole, ironing, packaging, and shipping operations
    • Customer-specific packing lists
    • Follow-up of packing and other value-added services
    • Cutting and sewing portfolios
    • Size table follow-up
    • Creating work orders for preparation, cutting, sorting, and production line
    • Ability to integrate with other software
    • Manufacturing efficiency and performance monitoring
    • Quality control table tracking: defect entry and separation of second-quality garments and garments to be repaired

Leverage ready-made solutions specific to textile processes with Felece Smart Fashion

FSF - Felece Smart Fashion, includes a comprehensive process configuration and add-on packages developed specifically for the textile industry and enables faster achievement of goals in all business processes with real-time insights. Developed jointly by industry and SAP experts, this SAP qualified partner-packed solution helps organizations achieve operational and financial excellence. FSF - Felece Smart Fashion which can be quickly deployed, reduces the total cost of ownership (TOC) and improves return on investment (ROI).

  • Finance and Control

    • Accounting asset management
    • Control and profitability analysis
    • Pre-order and final period order cost
  • Sales and Distributorship

    • Research
    • Price quotation
    • Local and global sales
    • Shipment sales
    • Order volume
    • Delivery
  • Production

    • Make-to-Stock
    • Make-to-Order
    • Yarn
    • Weaving
    • Knitting
    • Dyeing
    • Manufacturing
  • Procurement

    • Purchasing
    • Inventory management
    • Subcontractor
    • Cylinder management
    • Merchandise inventory
  • Quality management

    • Quality management in procurement and production

Explore the benefits of the Felece Smart Fashion solution

Reduce your project costs by 35 to 45% with the effective and accurate scope of project management implemented by FSF - Felece Smart Fashion.
Quickly implement and start leveraging the SAP qualified partner-packed solution developed specifically for your industry.
Streamline and accelerate your decision-making processes.
Get the capabilities and infrastructure to easily meet future needs and become a flexible and agile enterprise.

Why should you prefer the FSF Felece Smart Fashion solution?

- Manage your business processes with globally proven industry-specific best practices.
- Leverage the innovations, standard business models, and process flows in your industry.
- Minimize your development needs by leveraging standard gains.
- Get standard FSF adaptations and developments with the associated configuration.

Implement this intelligent solution tailored to your industry under the consultancy of Felece.

- Get solutions in every aspect of the textile business with a product powered by our 20 years of experience in textile industry.
- Achieve a quick return on your investment thanks to the functionality and fast implementation of the solution package.
- Minimize your project risks with an expertise that accurately identifies your needs.
- Rapidly implement the solutions you need. After a 15-day discovery phase instead of 65 days, enjoy a shorter project duration of 4 months instead of 12 months.
- Maximize the motivation of the project team with an accelerated project program.
- Set the bar high in conformity to standards while reducing the effort for tailor-made development by over 30%.

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