Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

The concept of Internet of Things (IoT), which is based on the communication between devices, evolved so fast and has become so popular, particularly in areas upon which sustainable future will be built such as smart houses, smart buildings, and cities. Numerous companies from almost every industry are looking for ways to leverage the latest IoT innovations, such as AI-powered IoT systems that have the ability to perform automated tasks, and wearable devices that allow people to work more efficiently and securely. According to the Industry 4.0 survey conducted by the research company Deloitte with two thousand senior executives from 19 countries, 72% of the CXOs in the EMEA region believe that IoT is the technology with the greatest impact on the organizations, followed by artificial intelligence (68%) and cloud infrastructure (64%).

As Felece, we bring intelligent IoT strategies and solutions together with people, businesses, and enterprises. We enable you to manage your company in a fully connected manner through our IoT applications, platforms, and technology. We lay the foundation for you to create new business models and to harness real-time intelligence opportunities. We guide you through the critical turn on your way to Industry 4.0 by utilizing the technology of this new era. We help you manage your data-driven facilities effectively and boost your efficiency, and offer a proper solution for your goals associated with future growth.

Felece Nesnelerin İnterneti (IoT) uygulamalarımızla

-You can drive your efficiency rates higher than ever before.

-You can fill up a major gap in your digital transformation roadmap.

-You can perform powerful analyses based on the real-time data to be obtained from your devices and machines.

-You can stand out in the market competition by developing AI-powered innovative products and services.

Nesnelerin İnterneti IOT About

Take control of the temperature with Cool Room!

Through the Cool Room application we developed using the IoT technology, you can take the full control of areas such as refrigerators or cold storage rooms where the indoor temperature must be kept at a certain level.

We enable you to remotely monitor certain readings such as the fan speed and temperature value measured on your beverage cabinets located at different places, special cooling rooms at different locations or in moving refrigerated trucks in real-time, and you can easily perform heating or cooling adjustments remotely. In this way, you can save labor in the field and keep these devices and areas under control at affordable costs. In case of a significant drop or rise with respect to the pre-determined values on the devices or in the areas in question, then, with an instant notification sent to your mobile device, we enable you to react immediately eliminating the risk of any potential loss.

Secure your building with Smart Security Smart Home

With the applications we develop for smart homes which will be an integral part of our lives with the introduction of 5G, we enable you to have the solutions of the future in advance. We contribute to your quality of life by enabling you to remotely open a building or a garage door, turning on a coffee machine, etc. We allow you to remotely monitor your home or your facility in real time via your mobile device, take immediate action by receiving alerts in case of security breaches and, thus, live and work safely.

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