.NET, JAVA, Python Specific Solutions

.NET, JAVA, Python Specific Solutions

Regardless of its industry, every corporate body that is a part of the professional ecosystem today must leverage next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence to ensure the continuity of the system it adopts. The only way to provide permanent solutions to the problems that block the way to success is to implement the technologies that best fit all existing and potential needs.

At this point, Felece believes that it is crucial to combine the right methodologies with different technologies such as .Net to meet not only today’s needs but also the potential needs that may arise in the future. Instead of restricting the options, it offers a distinctive vision by broadening the solution perspective. While doing this, Felece utilizes all the capabilities enabled by technologies such as C#, ASP.net, ASP.net MVC, .net Core, MS-SQL, Azure, Xamarin, Swift, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and JQuery that are entirely managed within the scope of its expertise.

Why should you prefer Felece?

We respond to your needs for platform-independent solutions with the applications developed on the .Net platform.

We meet your specific demands such as after-sales service management and vehicle tracking systems.

We operate in compliance with your solutions that are developed by Microsoft, SAP or other major manufacturers.

We identify the points of integration with you and perform the required installations and adjustments.

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