You can start your transformation anytime and anywhere no matter where you stand on your journey to the intelligent enterprise. Determine your infrastructure preference, whether it is lean or complex, and leave the rest to us. With RISE with SAP | Business Transformation as a Service we offer everything you need to transform your business in the digital economy. 

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive transformation and business model that fits the features and business plans of intelligent enterprises. It is a simplified, flexible and holistic solution package that will fully accompany you in every step to your intelligent enterprise journey. It offers the entire tools and services required by the enterprises to be intelligent and future-proof.

- Single offer: You do not need to make a huge amount of upfront investment for the technical infrastructure that will turn your business into a future-proof enterprise! You can facilitate your digital transformation journey with a single package.

- Single contract: You can manage SLA, operations and support services with a single contract, you can use it on a subscription basis, and you will be able to obtain value-added results in a short time. 

- Unmatched cost: You can enjoy up to a 20% reduction in total cost of ownership over five years with SAP S/4HANA Cloud as compared to a traditional ERP deployment.

Why you should prefer RISE with SAP?
As the global pandemic continues to upend legacy business models and expose supply chain fragilities, digital technologies enable upstarts to leapfrog longstanding incumbents. Faced with such a volatile and complicated business environment, enterprises are finding themselves having to react to the unexpected smarter and faster than ever.

Becoming a truly intelligent enterprise, though, requires much more than solely business process redesign, breakthrough technology adoption and technical migration. It necessitates taking critical decisions about which ERP customizations that tailored to the enterprise to keep. It entails an entire shift of mindset and even re-imagining of the corporate culture. 

RISE with SAP | Business Transformation as a Service takes the hassle, stress and complexity out of the carrying out digital transformation in business processes helping you to quickly reach to your destination.

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