Project Management

Project Management

Do you need expert support in the management of your projects? Are you having a hard time achieving budget goals in projects? Manage all your project management processes end-to-end with our SAP consultancy expertise!

With Felece Project Management, we provide the support required for the successful completion of projects.

Project management is the integration and implementation of all processes, methods, knowledge, and skills required to achieve your project targets. Together with our experienced PMO (Project Management Office) teams and SAP consultants who set and manage the project targets and all processes associated with the project, we utilize the appropriate project management methodologies in line with the content of the relevant project. In accordance with the chosen methodologies, we guide you to implement successful projects within the targeted scope, time, and budget.
Guided by our project manager, we help you achieve end-to-end management in all processes associated with your projects, using methodologies tailored to meet your and your company’s specific needs. Our project team takes all the responsibility of and monitors every single stage including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing, performing the required checks in line with the timetable.

With Felece Project Management;

You can meet all your project management needs including Agile and Waterflow.

You can eliminate the need to spare additional resources to organize a project management department if you do not have one.

You can apply methodologies that you are not thoroughly familiar with.

You can enable your employees to experience new methodologies.

You can pave the way for implementing your projects within the pre-determined budget and time constraints.

You can improve your existing business processes.

You can get support from experts in process management.

You can use your resources more effectively.

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