Sap Basis

SAP Basis

SAP Basis (Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions) is a technology platform covering all SAP applications and enabling SAP systems to run seamlessly. In other words, SAP Basis is an infrastructure technology which enables the installation and management of a system for SAP environments and products from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA. The purpose of SAP Basis is to ensure a streamlined and smooth operation for all infrastructure processes such as the installation, configuration, authorization and upgrading of SAP systems. Simply put, SAP Basis management stands out as a critical element of your SAP environment.

Sap Basis

Attain a secure, efficient, and quick infrastructure solution by accelerating access to the resources and expertise you need through Felece SAP Basis Services.

Implement SAP Basis under the consultancy of Felece.

As the complexity of SAP system environments continues increasing, so does the need for performance and availability. Ensuring that a system goes live successfully and continues to run smoothly requires laying a strong foundation through sound planning, regular maintenance and monitoring based on certain metrics, and meeting the needs that emerge over time. The ability to prevent business and system interruptions by taking measures before errors occur is one of the most important advantages of the basis maintenance service provided as part of SLA (Service-Level Agreement).

The SAP Basis maintenance support and consulting services we offer with our team of best-in-class experts who have assumed roles in many award-winning projects, meet all the requirements of SAP systems and ensure that your systems run securely, efficiently, and uninterruptedly. Adopting our customers’ systems as their own company systems, our SAP Basis experts who possess up-to-date certificates offer their consultancy and support, observing the highest service standards in all processes.

SAP Basis expert teams can monitor all live systems 24/7 with the SAP Solution Manager, and with their proactive approach, they detect a systemic problem without our customers being informed, and fix the problem in a way that does not affect the workflow and performance. Our SAP consultancy and Basis teams, which have extensive experience for different needs from different sectors, respond to all your infrastructure needs quickly, with the latest technology knowledge and management experience.

The system monitoring application of SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) is based on automatic checks carried out at regular intervals under four headings: availability, performance, exceptions and configuration. In each of these categories, different metrics can be defined per managed system and according to the criticality status, and a monitoring process can be carried out accordingly.

Sap Basis

Felece SAP Basis Services

  • SAP System Architecture design services
  • Capacity planning, sizing, and configuration for SAP solutions
  • SAP System installation service
  • SAP OS/DB Platform migration services
  • Database Management (Oracle, MS SQL, SAP ASE, SAP HANA, MaxDB)
  • Database Version Upgrading and Updating
  • SAP S/4HANA conversion services
  • SAP Basis consulting and maintenance services
  • Monitoring services for SAP systems (24/7 Solution Manager Monitoring)
  • SAP data archiving services
  • SAP performance analysis and improvement services
  • SAP Data archiving
  • SAP Single Sign-On (SSO) services

What do SAP Basis services offer ?

Enhance the efficiency of your IT operations

Reduce business interruptions due to technical issues with Felece system monitoring process

Manage your costs using service suites tailored to your specific needs

Increase the flexibility of your IT team

Reduce operational risks

Focus on your business through access to latest technologies and solutions and drive innovation

Add speed and agility to your organization by taking measures through early detection of potential issues and automation

Manage your IT assets more efficiently

SAP Basis Customer Views

“In our S4/Hana project, we chose to add the Basis module to all modules based on the successful reference projects implemented by Felece. Felece’s reassuring guidance has helped us greatly in our decision-making process.”

“Overall, we are very happy with the services we received. Felece’s Basis team is highly experienced and successful. Their interactive and dedicated approach impacts us positively.”

Gökhan Yıldırım, System Network ve SAP Project Manager, Kosifler Group

Sap Basis

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