Business Technology Platform

Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) allows you to combine intelligent enterprise applications with analytics, database management and integration capabilities into one platform for both cloud and hybrid environments, including pre-built integrations for SAP and non-SAP applications to creating value and meet your evolving business needs.

Why should you prefer SAP Business Technology Platform ?

-You can optimize your processes through connected business processes to achieve competitive differentiation
-You can choose multiple cloud provider options, adding flexibility to your organization
-To meet the needs of your enterprise, you can utilize technology using the processes and methods that best fit your company with the help of Felece’s Technology and business consultants possessing in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of the relevant industry.
-You can go live quickly while maintaining your business continuity, accelerate return on investment and start generating value immediately.

What does the SAP

Business Technology Platform (BTP) offer?

SAP Intelligent Technologies

Technological advancement is as old as the history of humanity and each new era brings along new advancements in parallel with the changing needs. Particularly in the last quarter of the 20th century, the technological progress that took place was at an unprecedented pace. In order for organizations to be successful, integrating next-generation technologies into their business processes is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

SAP Database and Data Management

One of the key raw materials of organizations is data. Today, as digital transformation continues, the amount of data keeps growing every day and data management system optimization is becoming an increasingly critical process. Considering that 90% of the accumulated data has been generated in recent years and data will continue accumulating even faster than before, next-generation technologies will inevitably play an important role in database and data management.

SAP Application Development and Integration

It is an SAP solution that allows you to develop applications that meet the needs of your company and integrate them into your systems. It helps you develop personalized applications and systems that meet your company’s needs and run your operational processes in an integrated, fast and automatic manner. Moreover, with lower costs for process development and implementation...


Many companies wishing to stand out in the competition opt for working with modern, agile, and sustainable structures to manage the increasing volume of data and dynamics. While enabling access to past and current data, SAP Business Technology Platform also turns your organization into an intelligent enterprise through machine-learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and enhanced analytical capabilities.

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