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Data Management Solutions: SAP Customer Data Management

With the next-generation data management solution in SAP's Customer Experience CX (C/4HANA) portfolio, you can strengthen your customer-oriented strategy while boosting your incomes and reducing your costs. By getting to know your customers, you can offer personalized solutions and enhance customer loyalty.

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You can grow your business by unleashing the power of data. By using data-driven insights, you can have a better understanding of your customers and build a trust relationship with them.

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SAP Customer Data Platform (SAP CPM)

  • Deduplicated customer profiles
  • Purpose-driven data governance
  • Personalized experience across all channels
  • System connection
  • Real-time insight activation

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (SAP CIAM | B2C)

  • Lifecycle management
  • Customer access management
  • Customer profile orchestration
  • Preconfigured integrations

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (SAP CIAM | B2B)

  • Authorization
  • Policy-based access management
  • Security risk mitigation
  • Data privacy compliance support

SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management (SAP ECPM)

  • Centralized consent and preference repository
  • Automatic version control
  • Data privacy compliance support
  • Consent data enforcement
  • Self-service preference practices

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SAP Customer Data Management solution

With the next-generation data management solution SAP Customer Data Management, you can manage your business processes in a data-driven manner. You can create a seamless customer experience through customizable registration, social authentication screens and workflows. You can give your customers the freedom to have more control over their consents, preferences and personal data by creating a self-service system. You can create policy-based access control to provide general or granular access to applications, platforms, products and data.

You can store time-stamped and date-stamped consent data in a single, audit-ready repository. While fulfilling the requirements of personal data privacy laws including PDPL and GDPR, you can give your customers control over their personal data.

Implement the SAP Customer Data Management solution under the consultancy of Felece.

  • Respect personal data privacy by protecting customer data appropriately throughout the lifecycle.
  • Mitigate data security risks with one-time and risk-based, multifactor and passwordless authentication.
  • Reduce data breach risks and protect your data with dynamic access control.
  • Automatically generate consent requests in line with the changing needs and reflect updates on customer profiles almost in real-time.
  • Transfer permission-based personal data to your business processes in marketing, e-commerce, in-store, sales, and services.
  • Benefit from more than 60 preconfigured technology integration options.
  • Perform data-based calculations for segmentation, audience management and instant decision-making.
  • Keep customer consent and preference data in an audit-ready repository and give your customers control over their personal data.
  • Collect all data in an indexed and dynamic database and integrate with other customer experience solutions.
  • Synchronize customer data across brands, channels, devices, applications, and services.
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