Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

You can provide all your processes from design to operation with a sustainable supply chain. With the combination of SAP’s digital supply chain management solution and the expertise of Felece, you can turn your company into a flexible, agile and productive business. Under changing market conditions, you can accelerate your business and boost your efficiency by digitalizing your systems, employees, and processes end-to-end.

Why should you prefer SAP supply chain management ?

  • Execute logistics and supply chain management processes more efficiently and quickly.
  • Perform focused, agile, and flexible planning with supply chain visibility.
  • Facilitate production through IoT and AI
  • Reduce emissions and procure your materials accordingly.
  • Perform production with minimum waste and environmental impact
  • Streamline production through the use of artificial intelligence, IoT and integration across the organization.
  • Offer products and services with low carbon footprint
  • Run your business energy-efficiently and safely
  • Boost asset performance and reliability with the benefits enabled by intelligent technology

What does the Supply Chain Planning

solution offer?

SAP Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning is undoubtedly one of the most important items of key business strategies. Being able to respond instantly to the changes in the market is equally important for enterprises and customers. To maximize customer satisfaction in supply chain planning, you should always keep one step ahead in the advanced planning process and design the future with intelligent forecasts.

SAP Supply Chain Logistics

Supply chain logistics is perhaps the most important sub-division of the supply chain management process. In terms of customer satisfaction, it is vital to deliver products to customers as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible. By implementing the appropriate SAP solutions under the consultancy of Felece, you can simplify and optimize your supply chain processes. You can enable effective and efficient planning processes with streamlined transportation management.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

In this technology age we live in, modern businesses cannot ignore Industry 4.0 revolution and move on as they used to do. Digital transformation plays an essential role in every aspect of business processes and manufacturing processes are no exception. In order to boost efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes, you need to use digital manufacturing solutions.

SAP Product Lifecycle Management

Along with the next-generation technologies developed during the Industry 4.0 revolution, customer satisfaction standards have significantly increased. Meeting rising customer expectations regarding the products they will purchase, both in terms of quality and delivery times, requires a product lifecycle process managed in an integrated manner. SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) enables end-to-end management of all product-related processes from the creation of a product concept to its delivery to the end-user.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

While smart technologies experience a continuous development, the digitalized economy and changing consumer behavior and demand emphasize supply chain management more than ever. In order to ensure maximum efficiency of the business processes in warehouses, which lie in the heart of the chain, smart inventory and resource management is required. SAP Extended Warehouse Management | EWM solution enables companies to control their warehouse operations while reducing costs.

SAP Integrated Business Planning

In order for businesses to make more agile supply chain planning, they have to anticipate the effects of changing supply and demand on production and logistics processes. In the same process, it should gain high customer satisfaction by planning possible problems with strong scenarios and improving service delivery.

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