Aksa Natural Gas

Aksa Natural Gas

SAP IS-U & CRM & SAP S/4HANA Projects, which started in 2019 at Aksa Natural Gas, the largest private company in the Turkish natural gas distribution industry, were successfully put into live use.
In addition to being the biggest SAP Project in Europe and the European energy sector in 2021, Aksa Natural Gas is in the position of being the first sector representative to invest in this project by breaking new ground in the Turkish energy sector.
This project, which touched nearly 6 million natural gas and electricity subscribers in 31 provinces with 65 companies within Kazancı Holding, was also the biggest digital transformation in the SAP ecosystem during the pandemic period.

Acquisitions of S/4HANA, for which we realized the largest SAP S/4HANA project in the Turkish energy sector, for Aksa

Neden Felece

End-to-end management of business processes with integrated SAP architecture

Natural integration of utility processes running on SAP CRM and IS-U with S/4HANA ERP processes

Central execution of financial operations in all group companies and sectors

Ensuring effective management of short and long-term strategic investment decisions


Making all global and local decisions with instant smart decision support systems

Presenting gas and electricity distribution together, a first in the world

End users to carry out counter and collection processes on user-friendly screens

Seamless consolidation of data in different provinces


Data analytics that facilitates time and place-independent decision making

Reception of consolidated reports by optimizing the quality of master data

Integrating innovative technologies such as big data and internet of things into business processes

Providing real-time planning, operations, forecasting and simulation

We congratulate the Aksa Natural Gas and Felece teams who contributed to the project process and wish them many successful business partnerships.

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