Eczacıbaşı Building Products has successfully digitalized its customer experience processes in collaboration with Felece

Propelled by a vision of smart and sustainable living for people of every age, ability, and cultural background, the Eczacıbaşı Building Products is gaining prominence in global design markets while maintaining its longstanding leadership in Turkey’s ceramic sanitary ware market. Group has made significant improvements in customer experience through the digital transformation project it implemented in collaboration with Felece.
One of the top global providers of ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom fittings and showering area solutions for domestic and commercial use, the building products division of Eczacıbaşı Holding A.Ş. has a production capacity of 5.6 million units of ceramic sanitary ware, 2 million bathroom fittings, 500 thousand built-in reservoirs, 1.25 million toilet seat covers, 350 thousand bathtubs and shower trays, and 400 thousand modules of bathroom furniture in its facilities located in Turkey, Germany, and Russia. It is a market-leading Turkish company, with its brands Vitra and Artema.
Amidst the uncertainty accompanied by the continuously growing competition and rapidly transforming dynamics, Eczacıbaşı Vitra needed to ensure enhanced speed and agility to grow further and sustainably. Seeking reliable ways to meet customer demands effectively, the group decided to embark on a holistic cultural and digital transformation journey.
Eczacıbaşı Intema Sales Operations and Development Senior Specialist Çağla Erdoğan says: “We needed to redesign the processes that were no longer practicable. We needed to redesign our authorization systems in compliance with the structure of our sales organizations and update them to adapt to today’s conditions. We also greatly needed to register all of the processes that require inspection and approval into the system and to validate these by the system itself. The system also needed to be simplified and more usable.”
Wishing to accelerate their business through advanced and connected technology and access real-time insights to improve their decision-making, planning and execution processes, the organization began seeking a reliable business partner to help them redesign outdated processes, enhance operational efficiency, and turn data into value in an agile manner.

A reliable digital transformation partner

As this extensive digital transformation journey required comprehensive guidance and expertise, Eczacıbaşı Building Products needed to make sure that it collaborated with an experienced and proven consultancy company which could meet its niche and boutique needs in an efficient and tailored way. They were also looking for a solution-oriented team of experts with whom they could work one-on-one.
Upon extensive research, Eczacıbaşı Building Products decided to work with Felece on the basis of the high-quality services it offers as an SAP Gold Partner, as well as its international project experience, expertise in 13 main industries and proven track record of over 500 successfully implemented projects including award-winning projects.
Once the current and future needs of the company were identified through detailed analyses, a comprehensive roadmap was created in line with the company’s goal of managing everything from a single platform to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, while also enabling further speed and agility. As part of the Vitramax Digital Transformation Project which stands out as the world’s first project where all SAP Customer Experience solutions were used, Felece Pricing & Promotion solution was also implemented.
SAP C/4HANA çözümü altında bulunan ve yukarıda bahsedilen SAP ve Felece çözümleri doğrultusunda Eczacıbaşı Yapı Grubu tüm müşteri deneyimi iş süreçlerini bulut ortama taşıyarak dijitalleşti ve sektörde öncü firmalardan olduğunu bir kez daha kanıtladı. Bu proje sonunda Eczacıbaşı müşteri verilerini tek bir platformda 360 derece müşteri deneyimi sunabilir hale geldi.
Holistic transformation through advanced and connected technology
Adopting powerful SAP Customer Experience solutions including SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP Field Service Management solutions, as well as Felece Pricing & Promotion, Eczacıbaşı implemented the new system in line with SAP best practices under the guidance of Felece.
Felece Sales and Marketing Director Mustafa Çiçekyurt says: “The fact that the company implementing the project was Eczacıbaşı, that the project had such a broad scope and that the field service management module was included in the project for the first time in Turkey greatly increased the value of the project.”
Implemented within such a short time as 13 months during the pandemic, the project successfully went live in January 2021. With such a broad scope, it enabled many significant benefits for Eczacıbaşı Building Products. Starting with customer experience, the existing system was revised while new technologies and solutions were adopted, resulting in the transformation of all processes.
The analysis of customer expectations played an important role in shaping the project’s roadmap. The project enabled end-to-end management of all customer and master data from a single system. All customer processes from service requests to invoicing were automated, enabling the service personnel to plan more efficiently and maximizing utilization. Thus, the system and reporting processes were accelerated and customer satisfaction was increased. Moreover, the ability to singularize all customers through the 360-degree view enabled great benefits for Eczacıbaşı.
Through this comprehensive project focused on customer experience and combining all customer interaction in a single platform within a multi-channel configuration, Eczacıbaşı has also maximized its service rate, while minimizing its costs. Thus, it laid a strong foundation for further agility and resilience within a system that allows flexibility.
The Felece Pricing & Promotion solution has enabled Eczacıbaşı retailers to place orders easily and at advantageous prices, monitor their purchases in real time and manage their orders effectively.
Eczacıbaşı business units also achieved significant improvements in their pricing operations which are now carried out via user-friendly screens that offer many benefits.
Highlighting the convenience enabled by Felece’s customer-oriented approach, Eczacıbaşı Building Products Group Information Technologies Director Alp Güldür says: “We are already being rewarded… We will continue to build upon it and implement this in other countries as well.”

Vitramax Digital Transformation Project at a Glance

-Separately managed user and customer experience structure
-Manual operations that slowed processes down and lacked standardization
-SAP Customer Experience (Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Field Service Management)
-Felece Pricing and Promotion
-A centralized structure that supports data-driven decision-making processes
-Accelerated system and reporting processes
-Automated workflows for improved operational efficiency
-Increased agility
-Enhanced customer satisfaction and improved service rate
-Reduced costs
-Real-time insights from data drawn across the organization
-Simplified approval processes
-Holistic view of customer information
“On the customer experience side, it is possible to see customer information holistically, with a 360-degree view, or to capture it sufficiently in any e-commerce environment.” Alp Güldür Eczacıbaşı Building Products Group Information Technologies Director
“Felece is a company that had already proven itself in the market and had different achievements. Plus, rather than being a very big global company for us, Felece is actually a consultancy and technology company that can understand our niche and boutique needs, as well as those troubles, problems or design needs, and we would be able to work one-on-one. And we honestly thought we would find these attributes in Felece.”Alp Güldür Eczacıbaşı Building Products Group Information Technologies Director
“Felece was a good solution partner. It was very flexible. They were solution oriented. They did not insist on strict precepts as to how to do things. At times, we requested some changes in the process, and they were very solution-oriented and flexible. In fact, I can say that this flexible behavior has made the work and the process much easier.”Çağla Erdoğan Eczacıbaşı Intema Sales Operations and Development Senior Specialist

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