Operating in the cosmetics industry, Turkey’s largest direct sales company Farmasi successfully implemented Turkey’s first SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extended Project in collaboration with Felece. The company now operates within a flexible and efficient structure on a single system with real-time reporting capabilities.
Founded by Dr. Cevdet Tuna, one of the first doctors of Turkey, in 1950, the beauty and personal care company Farmasi offers a wide portfolio of 2 thousand products to consumers worldwide. Located in Istanbul, its production facility has an annual production capacity of 500 million units and is equipped with the latest technology. As Turkey’s largest and the world’s 32nd largest direct sales company, Farmasi currently has over 5 million entrepreneurs marketing its products across the world.
Aiming to become one of the world’s top 10 direct sales companies within the next 5 years, Farmasi decided to streamline and simplify its operations through a comprehensive digital transformation project. The company needed a system with real-time reporting capabilities which would help overcome the communication problems among the departments working with different systems.
Due to the ability to operate on a single platform, as well as SAP’s sectoral experience, extensive know-how, and broad partner network, the company decided to adopt SAP solutions. Thus, Farmasi carried out detailed research on the potential partners to collaborate with.
Farmasi Assistant General Manager Gökhan Ceylan says : What mattered the most for us here was that they had done such projects in similar companies before, they worked fast and they could adapt to our company. We thought that Felece would be very suitable for this.
As the first company in Turkey to adopt a more modern and reliable system infrastructure with SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud in collaboration with Felece, Farmasi has gained further strength and flexibility in its operations, enhancing the interaction among employees. With simplified and standardized business processes, the company can manage its data accurately and properly for real-time reporting and data-driven decision-making.
Upon identifying the methodology that best fits future needs through the analysis of its existing business processes under the guidance of Felece, the company opted for the cloud-based intelligent ERP product SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extended which was going to be deployed for the first time in Turkey. This comprehensive digital transformation project was implemented in full compliance with SAP standards, using the Activate methodology along with the most suitable technologies and SAP solutions. As the company decided to use the full suite of SAP’s GUI-independent Fiori applications, they had some reservations about user adaptation. Although they never used SAP solutions before, all Farmasi employees could easily make the transition within a short time thanks to the powerful support and guidance of Felece experts.
Implemented within such a short time as 6 months, the project has enabled Farmasi to run its operations on a single system, using a modern and reliable technological infrastructure. In the process, ready-to-use systems were implemented as these stable and universal systems help reduce maintenance and operational costs.
The adoption of next-generation business processes and automation systems has enabled improvements in finance, integrated supply and production chain, real-time analysis and reporting, mobile experience, planning, and integration. In addition to increasing communication between employees, Farmasi can perform accurate and proper data management, as well as error-free barcode reading and shipping operations which result in enhanced efficiency and quicker decision-making.
Farmasi, Digital Transformation Manager İsmet Çakıroğlu says : “The capabilities of SAP combined with those of the industry-leading company FARMASI have yielded a great achievement with high added-value.”

Farmasi SAP S/4hana Cloud Project At a Glance

  • Challenges

    • Reporting issues
    • Data from different departments was being managed separately
    • Lack of adequate integration and automation
  • Solutions

    • S/4HANA Cloud Extended Edition
    • SAP Analytics Cloud
    • SAP Fiori
  • Benefits

    • Increased interaction among employees
    • Flexible and efficient structure
    • Systematic mechanisms that support quicker decision-making
    • Accurate and proper data management
    • Improvements in finance, integrated supply and production chain, real-time analysis and reporting, mobile experience, planning and integration
    • Error-free barcode reading and shipping operations
    • Consolidation onto a single platform
    • Reduced maintenance and operational costs
    • Enhanced security
    • Simplified and standardized business processes

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