Training Services

Carry your organization a step further with our Training Services

Are you aiming to build employee capabilities following the implementation of your projects, and while doing this, do you want to test their knowledge through several exams ? We respond to your needs with our training services. We assist you with expert SAP consultant teams technical training whenever you may need it; during or after the project. We increase the success rate of your projects during use.

We evolve with you

Training requires mutual communication, so one should never say “We are done, We don't need any more training!” As long as there is communication, our development will continue. With this in mind, we also learn from organizations that we work with. We believe that corporate success depends on the presence of a qualified and competent workforce and proceed by applying what we believe to our own organization as well. With this experience, we continuously develop ourselves and improve the quality of our training services.

Before training, we spend some time getting prepared for SAP or non-SAP products and ensure the execution of these trainings with our expert teams. We improve the diversity of our training services over time and continue our training sessions on every platform and topic.

We ensure a unique experience by applying tailored filtering on the basis of the specific needs of organizations. The always keep the content of our training programs up-to-date in line with your requests. In addition, we conduct specific exams to test the participants’ levels in order to assess the gains acquired from the training. We revise the content of our trainings according to the results of these exams to improve our training standards.

With Felece Training Services, you can :

Master your competencies on recently implemented technologies.

Improve your project success rate by enhancing your employees’ capabilities.

Empower your existing users by enabling them to have a better understanding of the system.

Enhance in-house suggestions for and engagement in subsequent projects with more competent employees.

Training Services

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