10 May 2022

SAP Sales Cloud & Service Cloud Projects Begin at AGT

Our SAP Sales Cloud and Service Cloud projects are starting at AGT, which operates as one of the world's leading companies in the furniture components and parquet industry.

Wood Developing Technology (AGT), which is accepted as the top segment and quality material producer of sectors such as furniture, decoration and construction, adds value to our country's economy with its exports to more than 1000 sales points in 5 continents.

Facilitating critical sales processes with SAP Sales Cloud & Service Cloud projects in the transformation journey embarked on in order to create a 360-degree customer experience and manage effective and fast sales processes through the integrated system architecture when the current system is insufficient in the face of developing needs, while facilitating critical sales processes through fast and personalized customer service, increasing over time. We will facilitate the fulfillment of service requests.

We wish success to all the teams who will take part in the project.

AGT, IT Director Engin Çeliktuğ:

“As Wood Developing Technology, we always update our processes in the light of the latest technologies. We started this project by relying on Felece's competence and references in the SAP Customer Experience product family for the current technologies in our CRM setup. We will develop all our processes with Felece expertise in the transformation journey in order to create a 360-degree customer view, to provide integrated complaint and proposal management with internal and external systems, and to manage effective and fast sales processes through the integrated system architecture.”

AGT, Executive Vice President Ahmet Çetinkaya:

“Our digital transformation project will not only meet the needs of today, but will also carry our company into the future. As AGT, we embark on a transformation journey that we value very much with Felece, in order to get to know our customers better and to support our sales and company goals with technology.”