17 Sep 2019

End-To-End Digital Transformation in Aksa Natural Gaz

Aksa Natural Gas undertook an innovative project on subscriber management in the natural gas distribution sector. Aksa Natural Gas, Turkey's largest private natural gas distribution company, will implement SAP Solutions, the world leader in corporate applications and software, under Felece Technology Consultancy.

The working model of the energy sector, which has become dynamic with the developing technology, continues to lead the transformation and digitalization. Aiming to always be one step ahead in the service sector by incorporating up-to-date technology solutions into its processes, Aksa Natural Gas integrates SAP's solutions for the energy distribution sector (SAP S/4HANA, SAP CRM for Utilities, SAP IS – U and MCF) into all business processes. accelerates the digital transformation journey. With the project to be implemented, Aksa Natural Gas aims to manage big data quickly/effectively/transparently and to unify all end-to-end operation processes, especially customer service services in the widespread distribution region, on a single system.

Transforming its ERP software, which integrates different processes such as planning, work orders, maintenance, purchasing, stock, sales, marketing, logistics, finance and human resources, into SAP S/4HANA, Aksa Natural Gas also manages natural gas subscriber management within the scope of the project. systems, it also improves the processes and operations of its central management in 21 distribution regions. In addition, it carries the company's KVKK transformation, field operations, customer services, invoicing, purchasing processes, personnel transformation and all reporting to end-to-end SAP systems with Felece Teknoloji consultancy.

Aksa Natural Gas Chairman of the Board Yaşar Arslan explains the goals of the project and the role of digital transformation in achieving these goals as follows; “We aim to keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering innovative and alternative solutions that will make people's lives easier. This is possible with digitalization solutions that include up-to-date technologies. As Turkey's largest private natural gas distribution company, we have to manage an intense data traffic instantly. It is of vital importance for us to provide the highest quality service to our customer portfolio, which exceeds 3 million in current figures and grows by 10% every year. With this awareness, we care about the establishment of our systems from the best in their field. With this project, we will be able to manage instantaneously obtained big data faster, more effectively and in real time, starting from the collection of data. In addition, we aim for a serious improvement in compliance, reliability and systemic self-control with the strategy of managing all our resources from one center in an end-to-end manner. After a serious research process on consultancy support, we decided to advance our project with Felece Teknoloji and GoLive teams for end-to-end solutions. I find it valuable for our economy and our company to start this project, which will be implemented for the first time in our sector and which will have an impact on the international level.”