26 Jan 2021

Farmasi Added Strength to Its Power in the Industry with the Step It Takes for Digital Transformation!

Turkey's direct sales and production company Farmasi has completed its digital transformation project to become the world's largest direct sales company in the health and cosmetics sector.

Farmasi, which aims to reach the leading position in the world as well as in Turkey in the direct sales sector, renewed its technology infrastructure with Felece. Preferring the world leader SAP products in the field of enterprise application and software, Farmasi has taken this important step and with the S/4HANA Cloud (Cloud) project, the cloud-based smart ERP product put into use for the first time in Turkey, its business processes have been transformed into a more modern and more reliable system infrastructure. became the first company to carry

Farmasi has completed its digital transformation, which increases the interaction between all company employees by correctly identifying the current business processes with detailed analyzes under Felece consultancy and determining the most suitable method for future needs. After investing in technology infrastructure that provides the advantage of cloud-based extended version with new generation business processes and automation systems, Farmasi has strengthened its power in central finance, integrated supply and production chain, real-time analysis and reporting, mobile experience, planning and integration. In addition, thanks to the realized project, an error-free system was introduced in barcode scanning and shipping operations, along with accurate and consistent data management.

Farmasi, which simplifies and standardizes its business processes and gains a flexible and efficient structure, has achieved a structure where it can take decisions faster by catching up with today's mobile world with its target person, independent, systematic and at the same time correct decision support mechanisms.

"The success of the project we realized with Farmasi is that we apply the most appropriate technologies and SAP solutions"

Felece Sales Director Mustafa Çiçekyurt after the project: We have positioned S/4HANA Cloud (Cloud), a cloud-based enterprise resource planning product, especially for Farmasi, which we provide consultancy services. It is a priority for us to offer the most appropriate technology that includes our customers' future plans and goals. In this way, when we bring SAP capabilities together with a leading company in the sector such as Farmasi, we achieve a high value-added success. I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed to the project and the excellent team of Farmasi for their belief in us on this path.

Farmasi Digital Transformation Manager İsmet Çakıroğlu: 2020 has been a challenging year for the whole world, with the pandemic and related economic difficulties, and unfortunately it continues to be.

As Farmasi, we continue our growth and investments without slowing down despite these difficulties.

In line with our company's strategic growth targets, we started to realize our digital transformation moves by successfully implementing Turkey's first S/4 HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) project, completely in compliance with SAP standards. The decisive stance of our board of directors, the self-sacrifice and fast adaptation of our departments, the great effort and system experience of our digital transformation team, and the support of the consultants and management staff of Felece Consulting Firm, which made us a destiny partner in the project, were effective in the success of our project. I would like to thank all Farmasi and Felece family for their efforts and support.

Customer Benefits:

  • First company to switch to a more modern and more reliable system infrastructure with S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Increasing interaction between company employees
  • Error-free barcode scanning and shipping operations
  • A flexible and efficient structure that simplifies and standardizes business processes
  • Centralized finance, integrated supply and production chain, real-time analysis and reporting, mobile experience, planning and integration empowerment