10 Mar 2021

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya - Evaluation of Capital Issue

Not Customer Experience, Human Experience!

“The pandemic has leveled the entire world like never before. A young software developer working at the furthest point and a newly graduated industrial engineer in Eskişehir wake up in the same morning with equal access. This new order is based on people-oriented ways of doing business. Perhaps this is the best thing left to all of us from this global catastrophe. Endless empathy and a management perspective that focuses on people. 'Human Experience' as it is known in the world. Human Experience is an approach that takes the human needs of people in many fields vertically into its heart. The concept of 'companies keep an equal distance to every social event' is no longer valid today. By taking the customer experience forward, we have taken the concept of human-oriented experience at the heart of our motivation in all our products and services. Now our new normal is CX out HX in!”