26 Mar 2021

BThaber Interview with Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya gave an interview to BThaber about the rapidly changing business order and how businesses can survive in this order. You can view the pleasant interview of Felece, who adds added value to more and more businesses every day, and also mentions his strong investments in Anatolian geography, below this news.

Felece established collaborations with Osmangazi University and Eskişehir Technical University as part of its R&D studies. It is aimed to expand these collaborations to different provinces of Anatolia.

Felece, one of the SAP business partners, carries all business processes of institutions and companies to the digital environment. Felece, which has more than 300 employees, took an important step and established an R&D center in Eskişehir with the support of universities. Noting that they aim to carry these works to other provinces, Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya answered our questions.

What kind of developments are experienced in digital transformation processes with the pandemic?

With the pandemic, the world has entered a period of great change. From economy to social life, from education to health, we are witnessing the transformation of all systems that we know. We have started to meet many of our needs, such as education without going to school, examination without going to a doctor, regardless of location. This change we have experienced as individuals has shown companies that many ways of doing business that they know and find normal are not sufficient. The global epidemic, which changed our business priorities in one day, caused companies to reevaluate their capabilities and needs, and to make technology a part of their business processes. The pandemic process has also increased the awareness of how important digitalization is for companies to survive. It even revealed the importance of taking more concrete steps and investing in technologies beyond awareness. In order to make their financial future and decisions that concern all their stakeholders sustainable, companies put technology first in their company priorities.

With these concrete steps, which took place at a speed we have never witnessed before, all business processes both accelerated and the risks in business processes were reduced. Companies now need a more effective digital transformation in order to manage and report end-to-end processes at many points, from logistics to finance, from customer relationship management to e-commerce. And with correctly applied conversion analysis, they can adapt to the future more easily and faster and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

With the smart technology solutions we offer as Felece, our expertise in different sectors and our knowledge, we analyze the needs of institutions correctly and stand by our customers in their digital journeys.


How are technology trends developing in this direction? How should institutions prepare for these new processes?

Technology is the main factor that will positively differentiate companies in terms of adaptation to the new order and market conditions. Realizing this, especially during the pandemic process, institutions have changed their strategic priorities significantly and turned to developing technologies. We have witnessed that those who invest in digital transformation beforehand reach their goals much faster.

Technology investments provide companies with durability, agility, flexibility and new ways to serve their customers. Technologies such as cloud computing solutions, smart ERP, machine learning, and the internet of things help companies from large-scale companies to small businesses to develop manageable processes while ensuring their continuity.

As Felece, one of our greatest strengths and one of the points where we differ in the sector is our dominance of global and local trends in all sectors we serve. We not only ensure the digitalization of companies, but also provide support in all business processes by providing our sectoral experience and knowledge regarding their transformation. Our team, serving in more than 11 sectors, provides all the necessary support for companies to reach their future goals, with analyzes not only for their current needs, but also for their possible future needs.


What kind of solutions and services does Felece offer to institutions in this direction, and how does it contribute to their digital transformation?

As a business partner of SAP, one of the leading companies in the technology world, we offer companies end-to-end technology solutions in all business processes. We bring together technology products and solutions, which are of great importance for companies, with their business goals, and ensure that companies benefit from technology at the highest level by being with them in all their digital transformation journeys. With our ability to offer solutions, services, expertise and consultancy regarding all end-to-end business processes, we enable our customers to meet all their needs from a single point and to manage all stakeholders in their projects from a single point. On the customer experience side, we carry out customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, e-commerce projects in B2B and B2C channels. With our professional consultancy team of 300 people, we analyze the needs and current situation of our customers correctly and develop the most appropriate solutions.

With the e-solutions we offer, we introduce our customers to the conveniences of the digital world, especially in financial processes and in document-intensive areas such as exports. With solutions such as e-invoice, e-archive, e-export, e-reconciliation, we not only provide speed and efficiency, we also help our customers to store their documents securely and save time.

We also carry out studies on technologies on the side of Dotnet, Java, Jason Codes or mobile technologies (user interface design), UX (user experience), UI, outside of SAP. At the same time, while providing application development services on Android and IOS, we provide resources to some companies to use their IT teams in line with their needs.

We also provide process consultancy services to our customers with our expert consultancy team, which has a minimum of 15 years of experience, has done end-to-end projects in many sectors and knows the examples of this in the world. In addition to project-based work, we also provide support services with a separate support management team.

Could you give information about Felece's targets for 2021?

In 2020, when all companies experienced the importance of technology, we presented many of our customers with smart solutions to adapt to this process and implemented very successful projects. We opened our office in London by making significant investments in order to expand the projects we have implemented in Turkey and abroad. In 2021, we aim to increase the number of projects we carry out on a global scale and to bring our global project execution competence and strength to our customers.

However, we have important references originating in Turkey and using our solutions abroad. E.g; LC Waikiki uses our Romania-based e-commerce channel in 32 countries, 9 languages ​​and 5 currencies. This project is the first in the innovation category in Turkey and in the world. In 2021, we aim to increase our similar projects and bring our potential to a global success story.

While adding value to our customers' digitalization journeys, we also made an important investment to contribute to the development of our country in the field of technology. Within the scope of our R&D studies, we have established collaborations with Osmangazi University and Eskişehir Technical University, two of the most important universities in Eskişehir. We aim to continue our investments in order to discover more young talents and bring them into the sector by spreading these collaborations to different provinces of Anatolia in the coming period.

With these investments we made in 2020, we grew by 50 percent. It is among our targets to continue this growth momentum in 2021 as well.

As Felece, we offer smart technology solutions in more than 11 sectors. We help them to stand out in the intense competition by providing tailored solutions for many sectors from energy to automotive, from food to jewelry, from textile to retail. We touch all points of need of our customers, such as ERP, finance, human resources, logistics and production, and ensure that they obtain the highest benefit today and in the future. Our long-term goal is to export our experience to more countries.

Felece is a company that invests in the development of qualified human resources. Could you give some information about your work on this subject?

As a company that brings together the technologies of the future and today's business models, we care about youth employment and invest in our human resources. We aim to reach talented and successful young people, to receive qualified education and to bring them into the sector. As Felece, we believe that this academy-private sector collaborations create added value not only for companies but also for the sector. At the beginning of this year, we made academic collaborations with Eskişehir Osmangazi and Eskişehir Technical University, which have technopark areas, and we implemented our R&D center. We also opened an office in order to create employment for students and further strengthen our team. Eskişehir was the strongest option we encountered on the way we set out to establish a technology base in Anatolia. Our researches showed that Eskişehir is very successful especially in game and animation software. Having a young population and being a university city also created an advantage for us.

As Felece, we currently have studies that we carry out with many valuable academicians. We evaluated the projects we are currently carrying out together, explained what kind of projects we want to implement, and in this direction, we created a road map with the support of our academicians. In the first place, we held online trainings for about 1 month with students from related departments such as industrial engineering and computer engineering. We have created an employment policy in line with various assignments, online exams and criteria. 11 of our friends started work in our office in Eskişehir. At the same time, we started reverse migration with these collaborations. When we announced this project in our Istanbul office, we had friends who wanted to go to Eskişehir and 9 people joined the team in Eskişehir.

In order to keep the solutions we offer our customers up-to-date, we will continue these collaborations in other cities of Anatolia in order to receive academic support for our products and to bring young talents into the sector.

Which institutions and universities do you cooperate with for the development of qualified human resources in this field? Could you elaborate on these collaborations?

In addition to our cooperation with Eskişehir Osmangazi and Eskişehir Technical University, we develop certain strategies and plans within the scope of career days with our human resources department. Our target is many universities such as METU, Boğaziçi and Marmara University. We aim to increase the channels through which we can reach students, especially those who want to work and make a career in this field. In addition, by opening classrooms in certain universities, we aim to make SAP and technological projects more understandable, especially for senior and third year students, in line with the project-based studies we will carry out.