10 Mar 2021

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya's Interview with ICT Media Magazine

Felece General Manager Oguz Kaya:

“The biggest contribution of ERP programs is that they can integrate many processes with each other and standardize quality with the innovations they offer. The ERP system helps businesses to access integrated information and use resources effectively, while enabling them to create more added value with less resources.”

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya pointed out that awareness of digital transformation has increased with the pandemic. Stating that businesses have restructured their business processes due to the effects that have changed greatly during the global epidemic process, Kaya said, “Companies that have successfully implemented digital platform-based business models and adopted digitalization easily adapt to this process, while companies that are not adequately prepared have lagged behind. Therefore, the pandemic has had an accelerating effect for businesses to take concrete steps in this area, by showing how critical digitalization is in all areas. In a world where competition is increasing day by day, digital transformation has become much more important than the pre-pandemic period for companies to make a difference, increase their profitability, and bring innovation to their products and services. From logistics to finance, from customer relationship management to e-commerce, companies are keeping up with this transformation in order to manage and report their end-to-end processes more efficiently and flexibly. With correctly applied transformation analysis, businesses can adapt to the future more easily and faster and take a few steps ahead of the competition.

Oğuz Kaya noted that in an intensely competitive environment, companies want to make the right technology investments in order to increase their market share and discover its potential. Emphasizing the importance of companies having a well-planned digital transformation strategy without missing the global and local trends, Kaya said: “Building result-oriented and flexible business models instead of standard products and services, and making this investment in the right place and with the right budget is an important step for companies. As Felece, we focused on improving and developing our infrastructure in order to respond as quickly as possible while producing innovative solutions for our customers' needs. While improving our infrastructure for us, 2020 has been a productive year for us to move our business processes to digital platforms and manage them. We have made transformations in many areas such as sales processes, financial management, support management systems, reporting. In particular, it is necessary to be in a constant transformation in order to adapt the remote working and management styles brought by the pandemic to the system. In this transformation, where we keep the human experience at the center, we focus on sustainable customer satisfaction. This brings the obligation to constantly improve and keep our processes up to date. We work with expert consultants who have sectoral knowledge in their field. Our continuous development enables us to present the changing and renewed technologies and trends to our customers simultaneously. We can say that it is our many years of experience to be able to integrate this. In addition to all these, we opened an office in Eskişehir Technopark after Istanbul in order to strengthen our R&D activities and product our sectoral knowledge while adding value to our customers' digital transformation journeys. In this office, we will also give opportunities to young software developers and engineers. We will be carrying our products and services to the global with our London office, which became operational in January.”

Companies generally use enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs in their digitalization processes. Kaya said the following about the needs they meet as a company with these programs: “With SAP S/4HANA, the corporate solution preferred by the whole world for companies to manage their business processes on digital platforms, we can manage all processes from financial to logistics on a single platform. With SAP C/4HANA (Customer Experience), we offer our customers a platform that can touch B2B and B2C channels and manage all sales, service, marketing and e-commerce processes in an integrated manner. In this sense, SAP incorporates many leading solutions in Forester and Gartner reports. Recently, Hybris has increased its power in this sense with many acquisitions such as Core Systems, Callidius and Emarsys. The use of these technological solutions primarily brings advantages such as speed, convenience, security, high control and flexibility for companies. To be able to integrate all these capabilities into all business processes, that is, to be able to manage processes in digital environments; provides an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. The correct use and management of digital transformation also strengthens institutions in terms of sustainability.”

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya said the following about the convenience and contribution of corporate resource planning programs to business processes: “With ERP programs, companies can manage all their main activities such as sales, distribution, material management, human resources from end to end and in harmony with each other. The biggest contribution of ERP programs is that they can integrate many processes with each other and standardize quality with the innovations they offer. The ERP system helps businesses to access integrated information and use resources effectively, while enabling them to create more added value with less resources.”

Kaya's assessment of the developments in the field of 5G, IoT and Industry 4.0 and the effects of technological innovations on business processes is as follows: "The importance of data dimensions is increasing day by day both in our daily lives and in our corporate processes. Making sense of data is as vital for organizations as it is to access data quickly. In corporate process management, mobile access has a great place and importance. With 5G technology, you can make a significant contribution to the real-time management of all processes by accessing all processes on mobile. With the digitization of all processes, objects also need to establish an effective communication network with each other. For example, a service record from the relevant service points for a malfunctioning device can be created quickly and easily with IoT. Thanks to the interconnection of objects, homes, offices and many other platforms can now be managed from a single center.”