20 Sep 2019

G2meksper Increased Customer Satisfaction With POS Integration

We have implemented an advanced virtual POS integration project for g2mEKSPER, one of the leading companies in the out-of-home consumption market in Turkey.

Our expert staff, who provided consultancy for g2mEKSPER, one of the out-of-home consumption sector companies operating under Yıldız Holding, commissioned a comprehensive virtual POS integration project.

With its 10 distribution centers across Turkey and over 900 employees, g2mEKSPER, which supplies more than 10 thousand products to its customers in 81 provinces, has started to manage various processes that used to be manual in the past with automation, with the new project.

As Felece Teknoloji, our customer, with whom we have integrated B2C Commerce, one of SAP's CX-Customer Experience solutions, with Virtual POS, has become able to more easily manage various processes such as tracking payment processes, installments, and account statement management.

With the project, the installment structure in existing SAP ERP systems was integrated into the B2C Commerce system with a new program that runs regularly every night. The new structure gave g2mEKSPER the ability to complete the payment process from the bank via Mobile Express integration for payments made with virtual POS. In addition, the values ​​returned to the system were automatically processed into the SAP ERP system as a financial record.

With the project, g2mEKSPER customers started to use the installment option according to the card type they use for payment. At this point, the system was configured to automatically withdraw the installment options in the codes of the working banks.

Higher Customer Satisfaction with Improvements in Collection and Payment

g2mEKSPER customers make purchases through the balance in their open accounts. If the purchase amount was more than the current balance, debiting was made. The balance in between was closed by money order or when the g2mEKSPER sales teams went to the customer and made purchases with a POS device. Thanks to the virtual POS integration included with the project, these processes started to be carried out completely online.

In such cases, when the sales teams go to the customers for collection, the time they spend and the fuel amounts of the vehicles they use are prevented. Thanks to the system's direct processing of transactions into the SAP ERP system, the tracking of collection processes has become easier. There is no need to keep track of bank accounts for payments made by wire transfer. Receipts of payments can be downloaded directly by the customer. Thus, no additional effort was required for invoicing and tracking receipts. Customers began to be able to track many information about their orders and payments from a single screen.