24 Jul 2020

Ipragaz Moved to Operational Excellence in Dealer and Facility Management

İpragaz, the "Blue Giant" of the Turkish energy sector, achieved operational excellence with our SAP E-Commerce project, with the motto of "Energy in All Forms of Turkey".

Now, dealer employees will be able to quickly deliver empty cylinders to dealers or send them to the facilities for filling, via the website or mobile applications. Orders can be automatically transferred to the SAP system with system integration and tracked via ERP. Thanks to the capacity control integration, the dealers will be able to enter the day and time of their orders according to the density of the filling facilities. In addition, all orders can be tracked through the system, while the planning operations at the facilities become manageable. After the technical architecture is established, reports that contribute to operational excellence will be received.

Built with integration into existing processes, the İpragaz SAP E-Commerce project allows the holistic management of customer, dealer and facility processes. As Felece, we are happy to announce our project in which we collaborated with Haratres.