7 Jun 2022

We are the guests of NTV with Eyüp Aratay, CEO of İpragaz

We were the guests of the "Digital Transformation Agenda" program broadcast on NTV with İpragaz, the leading and expert organization of the Turkish energy sector with its deep-rooted history of more than half a century.

In the program where the vision and projects that companies have successfully implemented on their journey to transforming into smart businesses are discussed, İpragaz CEO Eyüp Aratay and Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya talked about the technology vision of their companies, the driving force of technology in order to better respond to customer expectations and behaviors in the changing and reshaped world order and market conditions. They talked about how they benefited from their power and made a difference.

Stating that it is necessary to review not only business processes but also different channels in order to manage end consumer habits that reposition themselves in changing market conditions, Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya: “As Felece, we offer services to businesses that cannot adapt to technological transformation. Once we've identified the touchpoints, we need a platform that generates data. At this point, we are directing the transformation projects where we offer more agile and more flexible structures to our customers.”

“Market Dynamics Has Changed After 2000”

Explaining how they have drawn a perfect path by understanding customer needs despite the changing environmental and economic conditions since the day they were founded, Eyüp Aratay said: “The dynamics of market change, the positioning of companies in the shrinking market, the rapid change in customer demands and needs have led İpragaz to a new structure in digital. We started to manage all of our systems with SAP ERP from 1999 to 2018, and with SAP S/4HANA infrastructure since 2018. Since digital transformation creates a holistic field in all business processes, it can be considered as an approach rather than a tool.”

İpragaz CEO Eyüp Aratay, who said that they became a dream partner with Felece in the journey embarked to meet their demands and needs by getting to know the end consumers better and to further develop İpragaz, said: “We have reached a platform that is the first in the sector and almost unique in the world. ”

“Before Digital Transformation, You Need to Be Ready for Transformation”

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya evaluated the business partnership with İpragaz with these words: “Before digital transformation, it is necessary to be ready for transformation. Our partnership with İpragaz has been a very good example of this. Apart from a competent team, the right business processes and the right infrastructure, the sustainability of the project is also very important. Before the project started, we completed our sustainability infrastructure to ensure the continuity of the project. In this way, the project can adapt to innovations after it has been implemented.”

You can watch the details of the program on our Youtube page.