10 Jun 2020

A System That Brings Ipragaz Customers Into Winning With The Next Generation Loyalty Platform

In a very short time, infrastructure developments on four different interfaces were completed and the website was put into live use. In the project, the best mapping methods were adapted by using Google API services with our expert team of consultants.

With this project, İpragaz made accessible prices and special campaigns with an innovative approach in the personalized customer experience process.

With this project, which also has a customer loyalty component, İpragaz started to earn loyalty points for its customers who make transactions through the İPApp mobile application. Enabling customers to easily order cylinders with a few clicks, İpragaz also increased customer satisfaction with the ability to spend points in autogas purchases.

Thanks to the integration realized through the digital infrastructure used in autogas stations, the pumps are now smarter. At the same time, orders coming from online and mobile channels can be effectively managed on a dealer basis. In this way, İpragaz offers its customers suitable offers with different campaigns.