30 May 2019

Kardem Will Improve Customer Experience with CRM Project

Kardem has decided to work with our expert staff within the scope of the CRM project where it will improve customer experiences.

Kardem, one of the leading companies in the textile industry, which is one of the leading export items of our country, prepares high-volume collections for the leading brands of Turkey and the world and produces them with advanced technology. Adopting a lean management approach, Kardem's monthly production capacity reaches an average of 2,000,000 units.

As Felece Teknoloji, we will also work together on the CRM project initiated by the textile giant Kardem, for which we provide SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) support services, to manage the interaction with its customers and to provide a better customer experience. In the project, which we will serve with our expert staff, it is aimed to improve all processes from the preparation of the proposal to the creation of the invoice, from the shipment and delivery tracking to the sales analysis and to manage them with the SAP CRM platform.

While total sales opportunities, realization rates of offers and sales analysis reports can be obtained with the SAP CRM application, analysis reports can also be prepared in comparison with performance targets on the basis of company, department and vendor.

As a result of the project, the information of customers interacting through different channels will be collected and tracked in a common database. With the project, when a customer who asks a question via e-mail calls the call center, it will be possible for the customer representative to easily reach the e-mails and respond by seeing all the interaction with the customer.

The CRM project will play an important role in Kardem's vision of being the leading company in ready-made clothing exports in Turkey and being the strategic partner of the world's leading brands by 2023. With this project, Kardem will take an important step towards its vision for the future and will breathe new life into the customer experience.