29 Jul 2020

Kocaer Textile and Chakra SAP S/4HANA Retail & Fashion Vertical Business Project Phase 1 Completed

Kocaer Textile and Chakra brands, which are among the biggest 500 companies in Turkey, completed the Phase 1 process of SAP S/4HANA digital transformation.

With the SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business solution, SAP's end-to-end Financial, Logistics, Production and Procurement processes have been optimized with these applications.

In addition to these, operational efficiency was achieved by digitizing accounting processes with the transition to E-Account Statement, E-Waybill, E-invoice and E-Archive products.

As Felece, we are happy to take part in the meeting of Kocaer Tekstil, which works with many world-famous brands, with the SAP S/4HANA product family.