12 Mar 2020

LTB Transforms e-Commerce Processes

With the SAP Commerce Cloud Project, we provide a unified e-commerce experience in all sales channels of the LTB brand.

LTB has been operating in the global textile market since 1994 within the body of Çak Tekstil. Delivering its products to its customers through e-commerce channels, LTB continues to deliver them to sales points all over the world, as well as in Turkey.

LTB, which needs a fast and powerful system infrastructure to better manage its sales network and provide a better experience to its customers, chose to work with us, relying on our expertise for the SAP Commerce Cloud Project that will provide this. Offering a strong customer experience, the Commerce Cloud solution of the SAP Customer Experience family will bring efficiency and speed to LTB processes with its capabilities.

Receiving 85% of its e-commerce traffic from mobile channels, the brand sees mobile as the most important sales channel. It is of great importance to interact with customers and meet their expectations in mobile channels. Real-time and reliable data is vital to create better customer experiences and make sales processes easier to manage.

SAP Commerce Cloud enables customers to have a consistent and complete experience across all interaction channels and across devices. With the SAP Commerce Cloud Project, which will be implemented by our experienced experts, LTB will have a lean system and an effective process management. Establishing an integrated ecosystem between different sales channels will support the design of more efficient business processes. SAP Commerce Cloud will also strengthen mobile access, one of the brand's primary goals, with real-time reliable data.

Within the scope of the SAP Commerce Cloud Project, which we will implement in LTB, order management, product management, campaign and promotion management, payment and cargo integrations are supported by a leaner and stronger system, while mobile compatibility is increased. At the same time, the multi-country support provided by the system facilitates the processes carried out in different languages ​​and currencies.

At the kick-off meeting held on January 9, Çak Tekstil Deputy General Manager Ece Binler expressed her confidence in the project with these words: “We believe that the success of the project and our cooperation with Felece will bring good results. We are also very excited and hopeful for the next phases of the project.”

The SAP Commerce Cloud Project, which we will implement for LTB, is followed by Germany and the Netherlands; It will then be commissioned in Belgium, Italy and Spain.